EEStor, Inc. had a conference call today with ZENN Motors and Evans Capacitor

Dec 09, 2013, 20:48 ET from EEStor, Inc.

CEDAR PARK, Texas, Dec. 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- EEStor, Inc. (EEStor) had a conference call this afternoon with ZENN Motors and Evans Capacitor. The objective was to try and assess what had been accomplished at Evans Capacitor since he received the EEStor layer test samples. Evans Capacitor test results, while only verbally expressed with no specifics as to the test equipment used, testing protocols seem to have been of limited value. EEStor started over seven years ago to develop testing systems and procedures and it has taken substantial investments to complete our testing protocols with our necessary equipment. Also substantial time and investment to ensure all testing systems have been certified to be accurate to internally established standards with a qualified certification company.

Given that EEStor is close to having a commercial product, starting three months ago we started to put into place additional systems to further verify the test results. Specifically, two additional capacitance insulation resistance systems have been acquired, installed and tested for high accuracy insulation resistance measurements. Thus EEStor is now measuring all layers to 100V, 250V, and 500V. Results to date on over 50 layers tested show insulation resistance remains constant and these results will be included in the EEStor next product certification. Further EEStor has ordered an additional system to measure power out of the tested layers. Thus after a layer has been charged and the power inputted into the layer has been measured then the system will have the capability to measure the power removed from the layer. The system has been received and is now in debugging and calibration. EEStor is targeting to have this system fully functional by mid-January. With the completion of the two added testing systems Evans has been invited to return to EEStor to evaluate the EEStor's testing setup, and test the latest layers for resistance, capacitance and energy density.

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Dick Weir
President & CEO