Efficient Field Services with Viamente: Custom Communications' Choice for Dish Network Installations

Sep 26, 2011, 03:00 ET from Viamente srl

MILAN, September 26, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --

Southeast United States premier provider of comprehensive technologies - from TV decoders to home theatre and automation - adopts the Viamente Route Planner, the SaaS solution for Routing Optimization.

It has just been announced that Custom Communications, the largest subcontractor of Dish Network in the Southeast United States, has decided to adopt Viamente's Route Planning system. The choice made by Custom Communications is another important confirmation of how perfectly this Vehicle Routing Optimization Software matches the needs of Field Services business.

"With 150 technicians serving approximately 800 customers per day we needed a robust route planner to handle our routing needs", said Darrell Sanderlin, VP of Sales at Custom Communications. No wonder that the answer to Mr Sanderlin's need was found in the Viamente Route Planner, as the web-based software and its underlying API allow an automated optimization of all dispatching operations. In a matter of seconds the proprietary algorithms calculate which vehicle should service which locations, considering all the constraints and specific customer requirements and aiming at the optimal management of all the resources (fuel, vehicles, driving time, etc.). In other words, full-featured Multi-Vehicle Routing for small and medium fleets which want a really improved operational efficiency.

"The Viamente system allows us to save time and money with additional features other routing solutions could not provide" continued Mr Sanderlin. The simplicity in all the dispatching operations is matched by other specific and unique features, such as the management of Time Windows and different Service Times; moreover, the Viamente software can automatically assign specific orders to specific drivers/vehicles with the required specialty or skill for that particular job.

The return on investment is easy to calculate: there is no up-front investment, just a monthly fee which can be interrupted at any moment; savings start being visible from the very first deployment and keep coming with every following dispatching operation. "The waypoint tagging system in the Viamente API allowed us to maximize our ROI", Mr Sanderlin noted. Sergio Nalin, CTO at Viamente, pointed out: "Custom Communications has chosen to use the Viamente API and seamlessly integrate our Route Planner directly with their existing IT system and procedures. By API integration it is possible to customize the operations, develop additional features and implement a tailored User Interface. In terms of data handling, once our system is integrated with the customer's database, this means seamless import/export operations as well as near-zero maintenance efforts".

About Viamente

Viamente s.r.l. is a privately-held Italian company that develops and markets worldwide innovative online technology for the Vehicle Routing Optimization. Feeding a full set of proprietary algorithms with accurate and up-to-date digital map data, Viamente calculates the optimized Route Plans for the user's Vehicles and suggests the smartest assignments, scheduled stop sequences and turn-by-turn driving directions that minimize the overall operating expenditures while maximizing the service level and complying with all the logistic constraints. Viamente's cloud-based services include an intuitive web application called the Viamente Route Planner and an API to access the underlying Viamente Routing Engine.

About Custom Communications Inc.

Custom Communications is the Southeast United States largest subcontractor for Dish Network. DISH Network is the leader in family entertainment, TV technologies and high definition TV programming and currently serves approximately 14 million customers nationwide.

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