Effort to end domestic violence takes center stage in October

Tragic domestic violence case led to founding of Appriss

Sep 27, 2012, 10:19 ET from Appriss

LOUISVILLE, Ky., Sept. 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Twenty-five percent of women will experience domestic violence at some point during their lifetime, with more than one million women victimized by domestic violence every year in the United States. October is the 26th annual national Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM). It is a time to focus additional attention on an epidemic that destroys lives and families, and to find and invest in remedies to end domestic violence. Special events will be held throughout the month across the country to shine a light on this issue.

Eliminating domestic violence requires collaborative prevention and response efforts from criminal justice professionals, victims' service providers, prosecutors, health care providers, educators and elected officials, among others.

Under the banner "Mourn. Celebrate. Connect," Domestic Violence Awareness Month serves as a reminder that communities must speak out in a unified voice to combat domestic violence, and as a challenge to every American to support the many programs that seek to create a world free from violence and coercive control.

For Appriss, the effort to end domestic violence is a special cause. The company's signature service, VINE® (Victim Information and Notification Everyday) was created following the tragic death of Mary Byron. The Louisville woman was shot to death in 1993 by her ex-boyfriend, who had been arrested on rape charges, but was released on bail without her knowledge.

VINE is available in 47 states, giving crime victims access to potentially life-saving information by allowing them to track the custody status of their offenders and register to be notified by phone, email or text in the event of a release, transfer or court appearance. This service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week through a toll-free number or online at www.vinelink.com.        

Mary Byron's death also spurred the creation of the Mary Byron Project in 2000. The national organization works to support programs and innovations aimed at ending domestic violence. Appriss and its employees have donated more than $1 million to help in that effort.

"We are very grateful for the support we get from Appriss," said Marcia Roth, executive director of the Mary Byron Project. "Appriss is a very strong partner in our effort to end domestic violence."

"I can't think of a more worthy cause than ending domestic violence," said Appriss CEO Michael Davis. "Domestic Violence Awareness Month helps to put more attention on this issue and hopefully inspires more people to join the effort to put an end to it."

Domestic Violence Awareness Month was created in 1987 to promote increased rights and services for domestic violence victims; to educate the public about the crisis of domestic violence and the prevalence of this epidemic in all of our lives; and to encourage involvement and support for domestic violence victims and those who serve them.  

About Appriss

Appriss keeps communities safe and informed by using innovative technology to provide a suite of products that:  inform crime victims of an offender's status (VINE®); help police catch criminals (JusticeXchange®); improve traffic safety and make crash reports available online (BuyCrash); and prevent the illegal sale of pseudoephedrine to help reduce the number of meth labs (NPLEx®).

Appriss also provides smartphone apps for sheriffs' offices to help them communicate more effectively with their communities. The app is provided at no cost to sheriffs who offer VINE.

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