Egypt Defence and Security Report Q2 2013

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Egypt Defence and Security Report Q2 2013

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- Egypt's strategic position is slightly tense currently. On the one hand, its newly elected leader, PresidentMorsi, hints at the possibility of burgeoning democracy in the country. However, his recent appropriationof complete judicial, legislative and executive powers intimates otherwise.- Equally, a democratically elected leader seeking to make Egypt a regional powerhouse and a player onthe international stage could indicate stability and increased regional security, or the ruling potentate'slinks with the Muslim Brotherhood, together with recent revelations of his anti-Semitic tendencies, couldspell trouble, particularly for the Egypt-Israel peace treaty and Egypt's close ties with the US.BMI Industry View 7SWOT 9Defence 9Security 11Political 13Economic 14Business Environment 16Industry Forecast 17Armed Forces 17Table: Egypt's Armed Forces ('000 personnel, unless otherwise stated), 2000-2009 17Table: Egypt's Manpower Available For Military Service (aged 16-49, unless otherwise stated), 2010-2017 19Defence Expenditure 19Table: Egypt's Defence Expenditure, 2010-2017 20 Table: Defence Expenditure Scenario - Changing % Of GDP (US$mn) 21Table: Defence Expenditure Scenario - Changing % Of Government Expenditure (US$mn) 21Defence Trade 22Table: Egypt Defence Imports 23Macroeconomic Forecasts 25Household Consumption Outlook 27Government Consumption Outlook 28Fixed Investment Outlook 29Net Export Outlook 30Table: Egypt- GDP By Expenditure, Real Growth % 30Industry Risk Reward Ratings 32Security Risk Analysis 32Table: Middle East And Africa Defence & Security Ratings 33Table: Middle East And Africa State Vulnerability To Terrorism Index 33Market Overview 35Arms Trade Overview 36Armed Forces and Government Spending 37Table: Egypt's Foreign Deployments 38Industry Trends and Developments 40Industry Trends And Developments 44Political Outlook 44Domestic Politics 44Foreign Policy 47Long-Term Political Outlook 51Table: Egypt - Political Overview 56Security Overview 58Internal Security 58External Security 60Company Profile 64General Dynamics 64General Electric 65Raytheon (Egypt) 66Ashmand International 67Regional Overview 68Middle East and Africa Security Overview 68Scenario Analysis 87External Security 87Internal Security 90Global Industry Overview 95Global Political Outlook 95Eurozone 95Iran War Risks Rising In 2013 96Syrian Conflict To Continue, Post-Assad 97Caucasus At Risk Of Armenia-Azerbaijan War 97Korean Peninsula Facing Mixed Outlook 98Asia's Maritime Island Disputes 98Table: Election Timetable, 2013 99Methodology 103How We Generate Our Industry Forecasts 103Defence Industry 104Sources 104

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