Eigemy Launch Paradox Search and Integrated Digital Marketing Service

Oct 04, 2013, 06:36 ET from Eigemy

LONDON, October 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Eigemy, a new Digital Consultancy founded by Marketing Veteran's with a track record of delivering in the most competitive industry sectors have launched a proprietary platform that uses vector space mathematics to provide Search Marketing Clients with the competitive edge.

Within months, the Paradox Platform that we use will also be available to our clients.

Today, Eigemy, a London based start-up has begun offering the Paradox™ SEO Services to clients. Based on vector space mathematics the Paradox™ Service helps clients to maximise their visibility.

Unpredictability and unexpected consequences to interventions are common place in Search and Digital Marketing in general. A common observation in the field of search engine optimisation is that a proposition despite sounding reasonable from acceptable premises, leads to an unexpected outcome.

The Paradox™ Technology uses a secret combination of Big Data gathered through third party sources along with data gathered by company's own web spiders. This data is then processes by learning algorithms which categorise ranking signals or Aspects into Dimensions. The algorithms then process the data, find the patterns and subsequently provide actionable recommendations to the user.

At this time, we believe that we use the most advanced methodology in SEO. We use scalar and transformational mathematics across 12 dimensions, to look at 248 aspects and identify strengths and weaknesses across the websites that have achieved rankings for a given portfolio of terms.

Within months, the SEO Paradox™ Platform that will also be available as a SaaS. Pre-Register for a Beta trial.

About Eigemy

Eigemy is a new Search Agency and Digital Consultancy with a big difference. Eigemy's co-founder, Sotiris Spyrou is a veteran of all things Search and has a track record of consistently delivering excellent results. We use our proprietary platform and methodology to deliver predicable results.

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