EKIESL Takes A Giant Step Towards Clean Development Mechanism Market

Jul 19, 2012, 00:25 ET from EKI Energy Service Limited

MUMBAI, July 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

EKI Energy Services Limited Launches 1000 MW Wind Power Project Under First of a Kind POA Umbrella in the World With UNFCCC Under Clean Development Mechanism


EKI Energy Services Limited launches strategic 1000 MW Wind Power Project across Indian states as first CDM Project Activity (CPA) under POA umbrella titled "International Programme of Activities to reduce Global Warming by EnKing International (EKI Energy Services Ltd, India)" with UNFCCC under the Clean Development Mechanism as per Kyoto Protocol. 

Given an extension to CDM at the COP 18 at Durban, for the second commitment period for 2013 - 2017/20, the proposed POA aims at procuring carbon credits from renewable energy & energy efficiency technologies projects to be commissioned in developing nations of the world.

"EnKing International (EKI Energy Services Ltd) as CME (Coordinating or Managing Entity) is going to launch the first of its kind multi-country and multi-methodology programme of activities in the world. As first strategic project, the capacity will be a series of 1000 MW of renewable energy projects under the umbrella. This is a multi-phase, multi-entity project with a minimum potential of fetching Euro 20 million revenue annually from the sale of carbon credits after the successful registration with UNFCCC under the CDM (Kyoto Protocol)," said Mr. Manish Dabkara, Managing Director, EKI Energy Services Limited.

Mr. Anand Kumar Pandey, President - Business Development, EKI Energy Services Limited said, "The proposed POA being a multi-country project, which is first of its kind in Asia, Africa and South America, shall be incorporating renewable energy projects based in countries like India, China, Brazil, South Africa, South Korea, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Pakistan under its boundary during the Phase 1 of its operation. While Phase 2 will bring expansion to the addition of other methodologies approved by UNFCCC CDM EB and addition of more countries to the boundary of the POA."

The generated electricity would be exported to the regional/national/isolated/mini electricity grid in host country for either:

  • Third Party Sale
  • Captive Consumption
  • Sale to Electricity Board
  • Trading of Electricity through Power Exchange, or
  • Other business models.

Mr. Pandey further elaborated saying, "As per today's scenario, any project of this kind takes about one year to complete but this POA umbrella will reduce the validation and verification cost and time by more than 40%. The POA shall be developed while ensuring energy security and sustainable economic growth in developing nations across the world. The annual target of the POA is abatement of at least 2 million tones of CO2e. The POA is a voluntary action which is managed by the CME. The contribution of the POA to sustainable  development is assessed by using the sustainable development criteria of the Host Country's Designated National Authority. To meet the funding requirements of the project, the company is soon announcing its IPO with a listing at BSE, being the first public limited multi interest consulting organization in India."

About EKI Energy Services Limited:

EKI Energy Services Limited is India's first public limited company which is working in the field of Energy and Environment Management Consultation Services, with brand name of EnKing International. EKIESL is one of the leading firms in India having more than 400 national and international clientele, working for last 4 years successfully with its 5 nationwide offices and headquartered at Indore (MP). With a vision of "Making Planet Earth a Green Global Society". EKIESL is delivering services in the arena of energy, carbon and environment, and providing services into the categories as R&D, training, consulting and auditing services. For more information, visit http://www.enkingint.org

Primary Media Contact: Anand K Pandey, anand@enkingint.org, 91-9029846580

Secondary Media Contact: Manish Dabkara, business@enkingint.org, 91-9907534900

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