Elder Care Pros Offered Phone Check-In System

Jun 10, 2010, 12:26 ET from FineThanx

SARASOTA, Fla., June 10 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- A unique new service is being launched to help elder care professionals stay close to their clients, provide a new service unlike their competitors', earn extra income, and know when a client is in trouble.

It's called FineThanx (http://www.finethanx.com), and it's available to home health care agencies, care managers, medical professionals, and independent living facilities. Besides helping them market their own services, it provides a fresh flow of income to the sponsoring agency.

Here's how it works: FineThanx makes twice daily phone calls to check on the well-being of the aging person or other client. The automated system says, "If you are OK, press 1. If you need assistance, press 2." If the client requests assistance, or doesn't answer, after repeated calls within 60 minutes, the service notifies its sponsoring home health agency, care manager, medical professional, or independent living facility. Additionally, the sponsor can be kept informed of clients' status via email.

So the sponsor can be constantly in touch with each client. "It's important to note," says FineThanx, "that the system gets help for a client even if they do nothing, even if they don't press '1' or '2.'"  

It's totally flexible. When numbers and call times need to be changed, FineThanx makes the changes. The new service -- which requires no machines, no pendants, no bracelets -- can work alone or with a panic button installation.  

"The sponsoring agency gets multiple benefits," comments Peter Scharff, CEO. "It's providing a valuable service to clients, keeping connected with the clients, adding income, and extending its penetration further into the community, while differentiating itself from the competition. For all potential sponsors, the new service is a wonderful way to get and keep clients," Mr. Scharff commented.

The FineThanx system is flexible enough to fit situations where clients live in an independent living facility or at home. In either case, the system keeps caregivers connected to their clients.

It requires no equipment and no installation and is quick and easy to start and stop.

FineThanx is headquartered at 1990 Main St., Suite 750, Sarasota, FL 34236. Telephone 941-306-4848. Email: info@finethanx.com.

SOURCE FineThanx