Elecsys Announces Watchdog VIP Remote Monitoring Product

Dec 06, 2010, 13:00 ET from Elecsys Corporation

OLATHE, Kan., Dec. 6, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Elecsys Corporation (Nasdaq: ESYS), a developer and manufacturer of machine to machine (M2M) data acquisition, telemetry, analysis systems, and custom electronic assemblies for critical industries, today announced the release of the new Watchdog VIP, the most recent addition to the Company's remote monitoring products.  This latest product was developed and field-tested during the last several quarters and Elecsys began initial production shipments of the Watchdog VIP to customers in November.

The Watchdog VIP is highly flexible, equipped with four configurable analog inputs, one digital input, and an AC power detection probe, which enables it to perform a wide variety of remote monitoring functions for pipeline operators, gas, water, and electric utilities, highway departments, and energy exploration and production companies.  The system is deployable worldwide communicating via either quad-band GSM/GPRS cellular telemetry or the Inmarsat global satellite system.  The Elecsys Watchdog Web Monitor internet portal allows secure, immediate access to measurements and provides web-based remote control of measurement ranges, configurations, and alarm notification settings.  The Watchdog VIP simplifies installation and system commissioning with integrated field diagnostics and web-enabled configurability, making it easy to deploy, thereby reducing travel to remote sites.

For corrosion protection monitoring applications, Watchdog VIP units ship from the factory pre-configured to measure volts, amps, and pipe-to-soil voltage potential, and to detect the presence of AC power.  The new product provides reliable wireless remote monitoring of cathodic protection rectifiers used to protect transmission and distribution pipelines, storage tanks, oil and natural gas well casings, bridge decks, piers, and other critical infrastructure assets from corrosion.  Operators can improve structure integrity and extend asset operational life with reliable measurement reporting, timely event alarms, and data trend analysis.

Elecsys recently deployed a variant of the Watchdog VIP, specifically designed for international markets, for field testing trials on pipeline, bulk storage, and offshore platform sites in the Middle East.  These field trials are part of a pilot program for a future project in the Persian Gulf region.

Karl B. Gemperli, President and Chief Executive Officer, commented, "Corrosion of ageing infrastructure assets is a growing concern throughout the world with pipeline ruptures and structural failures becoming more common.  We believe the Watchdog VIP is an ideal solution for the corrosion control professional's need for a simple, reliable, and cost effective cathodic protection remote monitoring system."  Gemperli added, "This is the first product introduced by Elecsys based on our third generation Watchdog Flex platform.  The modular design of the Watchdog Flex system allows for the rapid development of innovative new product applications for specific remote monitoring requirements of diverse assets in extreme environments."

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Elecsys Corporation provides innovative machine to machine (M2M) communication technology solutions and custom electronic equipment for critical industrial applications worldwide.  Elecsys proprietary equipment and services encompass rugged wireless remote monitoring, wireless industrial communication, mobile computing, and radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies that are deployed wherever high quality and reliability are essential.  Elecsys also provides integrated displays and custom electronic assemblies for diverse applications in multiple industries.  Its primary markets include energy production and distribution, safety and security systems, agriculture, transportation, aerospace, and natural resource management.  Elecsys develops, markets, and supports proprietary technology and products under the Pipeline Watchdog, Radix, eXtremeTAG, SensorCast, Director, and DCI brand names.  For more information, visit www.elecsyscorp.com.

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