Electric Off Road Racer Brings New Power to ATVs - and Gets Safety Boost from Ride-On Tire Protection System

The new SRI EV1 features amazing power and torque as Ride-On protects its wheels from the ravages of off-road surfaces

Feb 12, 2013, 14:04 ET from Ride-On

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Ride-On Tire Protection Systems is proud to be a part of the new SRI EV1. The manufacturer of the widely acclaimed tire sealant and balancer line is proud to be associated with the first electric powered Full Scale off-road race car. The SRI EV1 is attracting attention as a potential major advance in green transportation, with a level of power and torque that is generating enormous excitement from the lucky few who have been able to drive one.  Boasting a range that is rapidly heading to 100 miles, this amazing product of SRI (Strategic Recovery Institute) and electronic drive train manufacturers EV West was catalyzed by a challenge from the United State military. The mission: create an off-road racing vehicle that will eventually allow our armed forces to switch from internal combustion vehicles to electric power. As the innovative manufacturer of both Ride-On ATV Tire Sealant and the Ride-On Smart Cap TPMS system, Ride-On is thrilled to be associated with this hugely exciting advance.

One player in the project is test driver Alex Plewniak, the Director of Powersports for Ride-On TPS, and it's easy to see why he's excited to be involved. The move to create the SRI EV1 was not simply motivated by a desire to improve the ecology by lowering emissions, but was largely motivated by the need of the armed forces to conserve a precious resource: cold hard cash. America's taxpayers are currently paying a horrifying $435.00 per gallon of military gas. With hot swappable 230 volt battery packs and a 5 hour recharge time, the SRI EV1 is a possible game changer that may not only help rescue our endangered environment, but might also improve our nation's fiscal health.

Mr. Plewniak and the Ride-On staff are also excited that their company's tire protection systems may prove to be a major boon to this potentially game-changing vehicle. The benefits of a product such as Ride-On ATV Tire Sealant are obvious for a heavy duty vehicle such as the SRI EV1. The Ride-On Tire Protection System contains fibers that are several times stronger than the steel which coats the interior lining of tires. It is therefore able to stop sudden dangerous blow-outs and flats which are caused by punctures. At the same time, it helps tires to maintain the correct level of air pressure.

That tire protection should come in very handy indeed when the SRI EV1 faces its first off-road race in this year's NORRA Mexican 1000. The race, which runs the length of Mexico's Baja Peninsula from Mexicali to San Jose Del Cabo, will put every aspect of the vehicle to the test as it attempts to hold its own with traditional gasoline powered vehicles. The tires will almost certainly receive more than their fair share of punishment; the power of Ride-On to prevent and instantly repair damage to tires just may give this potentially historic vehicle the edge it needs in the world famous race.

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