Electricity Intelligence - The Global Power Infrastructure Market (Transformers, Switchgear & Substations) Ed 1, 2012-2016

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Electricity Intelligence - The Global Power Infrastructure Market (Transformers, Switchgear & Substations) Ed 1, 2012-2016


Global Power Infrastructure Market (Transformers, Switchgear & Substations) Report and Database

T&D networks are growing rapidly, causing demand in the power infrastructure market sector to grow. This NRG Expert market research report has been written to accompany the database, to provide an analysis of the global power infrastructure market, with a particular focus on electrical power transformers, electric switchgear and electrical substations. It provides insightful analysis and forecasts on the transmission and distribution market, electrical supply industry and T&D companies. This analysis is essential for identifying the opportunities in this sector.

The Database

The Global Power Infrastructure database contains important forecast information and current figures on this sector. It consists of a global data set with the following sections:• Annual Demand• Capex• MVA Capacity

What's in the Global Power Infrastructure Market Database?

The Annual Demand section includes 2011 actual figures and forecasts for 2012-2016 in 2011 United States Dollars (USD) for:• All Power Infrastructure Equipment• Electrical Power Transformers• Electric Switchgear• Electrical Substations

The Capex section includes 2011 actual figures for the entire T&D section, 2011 actual figures for the Infrastructure market and 2012-2016 forecast figures for the infrastructure market. Data is presented both by regions and by individual nations.

The MVA Capacity section includes 2011 actual figures and 2012-2016 forecast figures. Data is presented both by regions and by individual nations.

The Report The Global Power Infrastructure Report provides valuable context and additional insight into this market and consists of several sections. A detailed historical overview discusses the origins of the electrical supply industry, which provides the basis for a discussion of today's market factors and the future of the infrastructure sector. Our definition of the infrastructure sector is also included, along with an illustration of our annual demand data (forecasted to 2016) and intelligence on infrastructure companies.Presented in the Global Power Infrastructure Report: • Sector historical overview

• Definition of sector

• Charts of database information

• Company intelligence

Key Reasons to Purchase this Market Research This NRG Expert Report and Database allows you to make key business decisions based on our forecasts and analysis of the transformers, switchgear and substations sector. Reasons to purchase the database include:

• Gain a global understanding of the transformers, switchgear and substations sector

• Understand the trends, developments and opportunities in this sector

• Manipulate the in-depth data

• Prepare market size evaluations and sector forecasts

Background to this Market Research • T&D networks are growing every year and new infrastructure is required to keep pace as old technology is replaced

• Different market forces are at work in the world's developed and developing nations

• The market for retrofitting old technology is expanding rapidly

Highlights from this Market Research As systems mature, in many cases in countries with static or even declining populations little expansion takes place except for housing rebuilds. In these countries there is a growing market for replacement, retrofit and refurbishment. In developing countries different dynamics are operating. Although expansion in developing countries, notably in large countries such as India, continues and there has been fast growth in recent years; major distribution systems installed in the 1960s are now in need of replacement reaching the end of their design lives.

Investment in transmission has lagged in recent years except in developing markets, especially China. In the process of market liberalization, T&D are subject to more regulation than generation and supply and the effect has been to divert investment from distribution and to an even greater extent form transmission to other more profit-driven sectors of the industry.

Global Power Infrastructure Market Report – Table of Contents The T&D Market 5

Origins of the Electrical Supply Industry 5The early origins 5Parallel developments 6The first networks 7Regional evolution of networks 7Planned systems – the Pool concept 7United States 8Germany – Bavaria 8Great Britain 10France 10Market Factors 11The importance of refurbishment, retrofit instead of replacement is rising. 11Increasing share of the service element in through-life contracts. 11Increasing construction of interconnectors to utilise surplus generating capacity and to supply low capacity regions 11Recognition of the need for increased investment in transmission. 12Expansion of distribution networks in large developing countries 12Capital Expenditure 12

T&D Sectors 14

Transformers 14Switchgear 15

Annual Demand 16

T&D Companies 18

Global Market Shares 18

Company Listings 18

ABB 18

Alstom 19

GE 19

Schneider 19

Siemens 19

Methodology 20

Stage 1 – T&D Forecasts 20

Stage 2 – Modeling 21

Stage 3 – Background Research 21

Stage 4 – Verification 21

Sources 22

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