Electrolab Releases Digital Level Sensor with Integrated High Level Shut-In

Two Levels, Multiple Temperatures, Emergency Shut-In

ONE Device - ONE Tank Port

Nov 05, 2015, 12:24 ET from Electrolab

BOERNE, Texas, Nov. 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Electrolab announces the release of the Model 2100 Digital Level Sensor (DLS) with High Level Shut-In. The device's patented sensing technology ensures accurate measurement of up to two levels and eight temperature measurements in the same tank with a single sensor, while a dedicated safety circuit ensures accurate high and high-high level overfill protection. The Model 2100 DLS with HLS helps operators with production storage tanks meet Category 3, API (American Petroleum Institute) STD 2350 (4th Edition 2012) requirements, while mitigating the risk of environmental exposure to petrochemicals.

Electrolab designed the Digital Level Sensor with HLS in response to customer requests, API 2350 and the company's continued focus on improving worker and environmental safety in oil and gas production fields. A dedicated safety circuit registers high and high-high alarm conditions and communicates these to a PLC or SCADA system to help ensure the production tank does not overfill. The high alarm signal is designed to warn field personnel when a tank is reaching capacity and is close to overfilling, while the second high-high alarm sends a signal to shut in a well that is about to overfill a tank. An integrated test fixture allows production personnel to manually test operation of the high-high alarm feature without having to open the tank hatch and risk exposure to harmful fumes.

Unlike other devices on the market which offer inferred level measurements, the Model 2100 DLS with HLS provides for a direct measurement of level and temperature, as the sensor is in direct contact with the fluid in the tank. This design ensures that the Model 2100 DLS with HLS offers consistently accurate and reliable measurements. The device is suitable for production monitoring, inventory control, leak detection (in stagnant tanks), high level alarm and well shut-in.

The Model 2100 DLS with HLS is intrinsically safe and UL Certified Class I, Div1 Group D for hazardous locations. Electrolab's patent pending Anti-Paraffin (AP) Treatment imparts oleophobic properties to the sensor, preventing paraffin and asphaltene buildup and ensuring the ongoing measurement accuracy of the device. "The DLS 2100 with HLS addresses safety, reliability, redundancy, and performance all in one certified device, using just one port on the tank. This product will be a great benefit to our customers," said Todd Mathias, President, Electrolab.

A privately-owned corporation founded in 1976, Electrolab has grown over the past 40 years into a leading innovator in the engineering and manufacture of industrial electronics, sensors and controllers for the oil and gas, water management, and industrial control industries, as well as providing cutting-edge nanotechnology treatments. For more information, please visit the Electrolab website at www.electrolabcontrols.com


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