Electrone Americas: Loose Change for School Lunches is a Thing of the Past

Jun 13, 2013, 17:59 ET from Electrone Americas

BOCA RATON, Fla., June 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Electrone Americas has announced that it is helping school systems edge further into the electronic age with keyboards and network keypads that are ideal for use in K-12 school cafeterias.  Many schools now have software programs where children's parents place money in their lunch accounts and the children use PIN numbers to make purchases.  This PIN follows the child no matter which school he attends as he remains in that school system.

Rather than fumbling for change and holding up a hungry lunch line, the child simply enters his PIN number and the cost of the lunch is deducted from his account.  School boards have found this type of program offers many benefits.  Smaller children no longer have to worry about holes in their pockets or losing their lunch money on the school bus.  Some software programs will even allow parents to prohibit the purchase of certain foodstuffs.

Many schools have on-line programs where parents can fund the accounts, or they can opt to send in cash or check to be credited to the child's account.  Different schools handle the funding as best suits their parents.

What the teachers, cafeteria workers and principals like is that the Electrone Americas keypads are durable, and they facilitate very quick entry of the PIN number, which speeds the serving process.  Even better, spill-proof keypads are available, just in case a little one drops his or her milk or mac and cheese on the pad when he is entering his PIN.  The keys can be easily wiped clean from all the sticky little fingers.

Electrone offers a high end tool that will easily integrate functionality and optional custom connections. 

For more information please contact Electrone Americas via email, Sales@ElectroneAmericas.com, or visit http://ruggedkeypad.poeinternetkeypad.com.

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