Electronic Cigarette Company Sees in the New Year with Crazy YoYo Sale

Jan 09, 2013, 12:56 ET from The Electronic Cigarette Company (TECC)

BLACKBURN, England, January 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

The Electronic Cigarette Company (TECC) is treating their customers to a fun and unique way to save money on Electronic Cigarettes products.

The electronic cigarette powerhouse has added some much needed spice to the traditional January sales. Customers logging on to the TECC website can watch discounts rise and fall from 12% to a staggering 70%. With the discounted amount changing from minute-to-minute, customers must decide when they want to make a purchase to chance getting the biggest discount possible.

The Electronic Cigarette Company is one of the largest electronic cigarette companies in the UK. Setting the industry standard; TECC works tirelessly to ensure that they stock the highest quality products at the best price available. Stocking a wide range of products from an enviable brand list ensures TECC's popularity with their customers.

During the month long sale, each product has its own discount pattern and saving potential based upon a closely guarded algorithm installed by the brains at TECC. A miniature stock market has been created as electronic cigarette aficionados will benefit from keeping a close eye on their favourite products' fortunes. Customers will be treated to a rollercoaster ride as they are subjected to unpredictable price spikes and falls from the comfort of their own home.

This unique style of January sales adds some much needed fun and frugality for a public still suffering the effects of a recession. A mixture of patience, strategy and blind luck is needed on the behalf of the customer to squeeze the very best out of these excellent discounts.

All of the products included in the YoYo sale will have a 'Minimum Discount Price' which ensures that a great saving will be made even if the sale is in a trough at the time of purchase. This failsafe will add a sense of security to customers with less of a risky streak.

Patient statisticians will be able to witness all previous product price movements with an up-to-date chart depicting the discount's perturbations. Then it is up to them to decipher whether a new discount high is the pinnacle of saving or a sign of things to come. The product listings also contain a timer which depicts the time elapsed since the price change occurred.

To safeguard against potential foul play, The Electronic Cigarette Company boffins have added a 30 minute purchase completion period from when a customer clicks 'add to basket'. If a customer does not complete the purchase within 30 minutes of clicking 'add to basket' then the discounted deal is forfeited. This ensures that customers do not stockpile discounts without committing to buy.  

There is a wide range of goods and products available in the TECC YoYo sale from comprehensive starter kits to batteries, e-liquids and carry cases. Electronic cigarette users, old and new, may be able to find the products they need and desire at incredibly discounted prices in the TECC YoYo sale.

About the Company: The Electronic Cigarette Company (TECC) has grown from humble beginnings in 2008 to one of the Electronic Cigarette industry's leading lights. Providing a wide range of quality Electronic Cigarette products; TECC ensure a satisfying vape at a gratifying price.

Contact: +44(0)845-475-3244 / info@theelectroniccigarette.co.uk

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