Elion Preventing Desertification at the Kubuqi International Desert Forum

Jul 30, 2015, 08:58 ET from Elion

BAOTOU and ORDOS, China, July 30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Elion has spent the past 27 years combating desertification in the Kubuqi Desert, with the tenet of perseverance rather than seeking quick success, and has saved more than 6,000 square kilometers from desertification.

Elion's Founder and Chairman Wang Wenbiao said that what Elion has achieved has been ecological protection that is financially viable.

He explained that Elion has been pursuing a sustainable green development path -- hoping to bring public benefits even as it seeks to raise business profits.

The company's star project is located in the Kubuqi Desert, China's seventh biggest desert, where the company has cultivated Traditional Chinese Medicinal plants and built a solar energy center.

The Traditional Chinese Medicinal plants thrive in the tough environment and can be sold for a profit. Meanwhile, these plants can also help slow down the process of desertification and gradually transform the desert areas into arable lands.

The governance of the desert not only improves the environment, but cultivates industries to improve the lives of local herdsmen through practices such as desert restoration, ecological animal husbandry, ecotourism and ecological photovoltaic investments.

Kubuqi has become a model for the global community, in terms of degraded land rehabilitation and addressing climate change. Its innovative practices emphasize the balance between the ecosystem, the economy and the people, said Monique Barbut, executive secretary-general of United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification.

The 2015 Kubuqi International Desert Forum, for the fifth year, opened on July 28 in the Kubuqi Desert. The forum is the only international forum dedicated to the development of the world's desert ecological preservation and the first international desert forum in China.

Deserts cover nearly 40 million square kilometers of Earth, accounting for a quarter of its land surface. More than 110 countries and about 1 billion people around the world have been affected by desertification.

"The forum will be a platform for technological communications, government and commercial dialogue and investment," Wang said, "China is winning the discourse on desertification control."

About Elion

Elion Resources Group, based in China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, is known for its unique business model in land remediation and ecological rehabilitation.

Elion has rapidly transformed from a traditional desertification control company into an ecologically sound business featuring "Green land, green energy, green finance, plus Internet" to promote the environmental restoration since 2011.

The biggest genetic resource center in western China was established by the company, which contains more than 1,000 plant seeds, 100 technological achievements and 100 desert processing packages. The center provides the technical expertise to reestablish greenery not only in the Kubuqi Desert, but also in western China and the Silk Road economic belt.