Elite Surgeons Use Cutting-Edge Technology to Make Fewer Cuts

Dr. Michael Feiz, state-of-the-art medical technology is changing weight loss surgery forever

Sep 19, 2011, 17:31 ET from Dr. Feiz and Associates

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 19, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr. Michael Feiz and his colleague Dr. Monali Misra, two of the leading bariatric surgeons in Los Angeles, are dedicated to incorporating cutting-edge medical technology into their practice. As a result, their patients have benefited from safer, easier, and more hassle-free weight loss solutions. The next remarkable phase in this facility's never-ending quest to offer advanced alternatives for their patients is something called the STARR Treatment.

STARR stands for Surgical Tiny Access and Rapid Recovery, and it's all made possible by the advent of the Spider Surgical System, a laparoscopic platform that consists of a slim metal tube with the diameter of a dime. Here is exactly what happens: Dr. Feiz or Dr. Misra will make a miniscule laparoscopic incision – just large enough to insert this thin tube into your abdominal area. The tube itself contains all the necessary instruments for surgery, including a tiny laparoscopic camera. Once the tube is inserted, the instruments unfold like an umbrella inside your body. The instruments, or endomechanical vertebral arms if you want to get really technical, offer unprecedented flexibility, allowing one surgeon alone to manipulate them with both hands. And remember – this is all being done with just one incision!

So now we know something about the STARR Treatment, but what exactly do surgeons like Dr. Feiz and Dr. Misra use this technique for? One increasingly popular procedure is micro gastric sleeve surgery. More patients favor micro sleeve bariatric surgery over gastric bypass because it's far less invasive, faster recovery, less post-op maintenance and speedier results!

The other advanced procedure facilitated by the STARR Treatment is micro Lap Band surgery. You've probably heard about the Lap Band. But is it really as effective as the advertisements claim? The answer, as rare as this is in life, is actually yes. The experienced team of Dr. Feiz will fit an adjustable plastic band (filled with saline solution) around the upper section of your stomach. The band then constricts to change your stomach into an hour glass shape, in order to better regulate the flow of food particles. And all this is done without performing any cuts to the stomach, intestines, or other major organs.

Whether you are considering micro sleeve surgery or micro Lap Band surgery, the STARR Treatment provided by Dr. Feiz & Associates offers less scarring (and sometimes no scarring at all), less post-op discomfort, and a faster recovery period.

For more information about the STARR Treatment and Lap Band in Los Angeles with Dr. Feiz and his team of distinguished surgeons, please visit online at www.DrFeiz.com.

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