Elster Subsidiary EnergyICT Wins European Business Award for the Environment

EIServer(R) Energy Management System Recognized for Outstanding Contribution to Sustainable Development

Jul 01, 2010, 02:00 ET from Elster

KORTRIJK, Belgium, July 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Elster announced today that its EnergyICT subsidiary has received a 2010 European Business Award for the Environment. EnergyICT's EIServer® was recognized by the European Commission (EC) as the winner of the "Product Award" category for driving significant energy efficiency improvements at British retailer TESCO.

The prestigious award was announced during the annual Green Week conference in Brussels.

The European Business Awards for the Environment recognize "the best of the best" businesses that have already succeeded in competitions at a national level. Winners are selected for making a particular contribution to sustainable development by combining innovation, economic viability, environmental concern and social responsibility.

The EC jury judging the competition stated, "This energy monitoring and control system is being used by a major retailer to achieve substantial reductions in energy use. It could and should be copied by others."

The EIServer system has helped reduce energy consumption by 20 percent across all TESCO's UK stores.

"We are honored to be selected by the European Commission as a winner of this year's European Business Awards for the Environment," said Stefan Grosjean, head of Elster Integrated Solutions' Communication Products Centre and CEO of EnergyICT.

"Elster, through a wide range of different offerings, empowers organizations and utilities across Europe with sophisticated energy management solutions that provide true energy efficiency improvements and measurable costs savings," Grosjean added.

The EIServer deployment was one of 10 European Business Award for the Environment finalists selected out of 141 candidates from across Europe.  

EIServer for Energy Management

For large energy consuming businesses, energy suppliers and service providers, EIServer® serves as an Energy Data Management (EDM) System, the central data repository for energy management projects. EIServer® is an expert EDM and monitoring system suitable for all energy management applications. The flexible, dynamic and open software consists of a high-volume Oracle database with a high-performance JAVA business logic layer.

This innovative, high-tech software platform is a large scale, high-quality data warehouse that helps end-users turn energy consumption data into useful information. Specifically for energy management, EIServer was designed to collect, store and manage consumption data in order to monitor, visualize energy flows and optimize the total energy efficiency. By measuring, logging, transmitting and storing energy consumption data from multiple sites, an accurate and complete energy data warehouse can be built by EIServer.

The system is currently used for a range of energy management functions including: data validation, tenant billing, forecasting (actual compared to forecast with alarms), monitoring and verification, continuous energy monitoring, benchmarking, cost per production analysis, group reporting and others.

Collected and validated data can be turned into information by using the powerful aggregation capabilities inherent to EIServer. EIServer's EDM reporting engine provides both a set of easy-to-use reports and the capability to define additional reports in a time-efficient and user-friendly manner.

This fully-featured energy management system provides Elster customers with enhanced awareness of their consumption, which in turn stimulates actions to improve energy efficiency. Naturally, this can lead to a considerable decrease in their total energy costs and allow them to meet their legal obligations such as climate change charges, Kyoto, etc.

EIServer EDM is used by many large multi-site industrial companies and retailers around the globe.

About Elster

Elster is one of the world's largest electricity, gas and water measurement and control providers. Our offerings include distribution monitoring and control, advanced smart metering, demand response, networking and software solutions, and numerous related communications and services – key components for enabling consumer choice, operational efficiency and conservation. Our products and solutions are widely used by utilities in the traditional and emerging Smart Grid markets.

Elster has one of the most extensive installed revenue measurement bases in the world, with more than 200 million metering devices deployed over the course of the last 10 years. It sells its products and services in more than 130 countries across electricity, gas, water and multi-utility applications for residential, commercial and industrial, and transmission and distribution applications.

Elster was acquired by funds advised by CVC Capital Partners in September 2005.

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About the European Business Awards for the Environment

The European Business Awards for the Environment (EBAE) are designed to recognise and promote organisations which make an outstanding contribution to sustainable development. Every two years, the European Commission is pleased to reward selected companies that demonstrate their commitment to putting sustainable development into action. The awards highlight policies, practices, processes and products from all sectors of business in the European Union which help to achieve 'economic and social development without detriment to the environment and natural resources upon the quality of which continued human activity and further development depend.

For more information, please visit www.ebae.eu.