Email Marketers Given Enhanced Multi-Account Platform at Global IntelliSystems

Retailers, Ad Agencies, and Chain Stores to Benefit

Jul 09, 2015, 08:30 ET from Global IntelliSystems

EVERGREEN, Colo., July 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Global IntelliSystems, a leading US-based email marketing service, today announced a new management interface and platform designed for advertising agencies, retailers, chain stores, and companies that require a large number of accounts.  This new interface also comes with lower pricing to help these companies enjoy a much more comfortable monthly email marketing budget.

"We have found many large retail chain stores and advertising agencies searching for an easier and more affordable email marketing solution on a per-store or per-account basis," stated Howard LaPittus, director of sales for Global IntelliSystems.  "Our new interface allows companies to have an unlimited number of sub-accounts on our service and pay only for the messages they send, regardless of the number of accounts they use," continued LaPittus.  "Many companies want to keep their lists separated by store so they can offer a more personalized experience for their customers.  This enhanced interface is the perfect fit because it offers unlimited accounts at a substantial cost savings when looking at competing services," said LaPittus.

The new interface gives account holders the ability to open as many accounts as needed, on their own, and keep lists, messages, and analytics separated on a per-account basis and also roll the data up to the primary account for a big-picture view.  The pricing is based solely on the total messages sent per month from all accounts combined and not on a per-account basis, which makes pricing substantially lower for the account holder.  A single small monthly minimum fee is applied to the primary account and the sub accounts pay only for what they send.  In addition, there is no charge for dedicated servers linked to any or all sub-accounts on the service.

"This positions us to be the go-to company for high quality, high reliability email marketing services worldwide for multi-account holders.  The no-minimums pricing on sub-accounts is a big deal in this industry especially when working with retailers.  Many are paying competitors high minimums per-store which can get very expensive," said LaPittus.


Global has been empowering their clients for over 12 years to maximize email marketing results with its state of the art SAAS platform designed for high and low volume mailers worldwide.  Staffed with industry experts with email marketing experience going back to the mid 1990's Global has one of the most robust, affordable, and reliable email marketing services in the industry.  Global is focused on around-the-clock deliverability monitoring to ensure its clients always reach their clients.

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