EMEA Internet of Things 2014 Top 10 Predictions

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EMEA Internet of Things 2014 Top 10 Predictions

IoT is one of the hot topics in the ICT industry, and it is not difficult to see why. IDC forecasts there will be 212 billion devices or things connected to networks by 2020. To put this into context, there are approximately 750 million buildings connected to networks with fixed communications, and around 6 billion people today connect to networks using mobile technologies.

"In EMEA in 2014, IDC predicts that the number of connected things will increase exponentially, revenues will increase at a linear rate, and most solutions will be based within vertical sectors. We also predict that investment in horizontal platforms will increase, the ecosystem will begin to mature, and most of the money to be made in IoT will be in the provision of applications/solutions," said Mike Cansfield, associate vice president, Telecoms, EMEA. "Within these solutions, Big Data and analytics will be of pivotal importance to derive value, as will the professional services needed to create the application. But not everything in the IoT garden is rosy -- security concerns and regulatory uncertainties persist, and the lack of investment by mobile software companies could also act as a brake on growth."

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Prediction #1: Growth in IoT Connections Will Be Exponential

Prediction #2: Growth in IoT Revenues in 2014 Will Be Linear.

Prediction #3: Verticals Will Continue to Be Where the Action Is

Prediction #4: Horizontals Will Continue to Be Where All the Efficiency Gains Will Be

Prediction #5: Applications Will Continue to Be Where Most of the Money Is

Prediction #6: IoT Ecosystems Will Begin to Mature in 2014

Prediction #7: Big Data and Analytics Will Drive Value Creation from IoT

Prediction #8: Obstacles to the Growth of IoT Perist and Will Need to Be Addressed

Prediction #9: Professional Services Will Open Up the IoT Competitive Landscape

Prediction #10: Mobility Software Vendors Will Continue to Show a Lack of Interest in IoT

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EMEA Internet of Things 2014 Top 10 Predictions

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