EMEA Utilities Getting Enterprise Mobility Right

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EMEA Utilities Getting Enterprise Mobility Right

This IDC Energy Insights study analyzes EMEA utility trends regarding mobility, such as device proliferation, mobile management, platforms diversity, mobile apps, and bring your own device (BYOD). Results from the recent IDC Biannual EMEA Enterprise Mobility Survey are utilized, covering 119 utilities from the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Kenya, Morocco, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Poland, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, the UAE, and the U.K.

"Utilities across EMEA are embracing mobility to significantly enhance productivity across the entire organization," said Gaia Gallotti, research manager, IDC Energy Insights. "The mobility umbrella covers a wide array of devices, networks, platforms, and applications that require holistic management to be efficient, effective, and secure."

Table of Contents

IDC Energy Insights Opinion

In This Study

Situation Overview

Mobility at the Heart of 3rd Platform

Just How Big a Deal Is Mobility?

The Approach

Polarized Approaches to Enterprise Mobility

A Phased Journey to Enterprise Mobility

The Need for Corporate Mobile Strategies

Future Outlook

Productivity Pushing Mobility in Utilities

Mobility Further Burdening Utilities with Network and Data Protection

Utilities Still Far from Embracing Holistic Mobility Management

Diversity Is Here to Stay, Better Manage It!

BYOD: No One Size Fits All

Over the Next Five Years, Apps Will Dominate Attention on Mobility

Essential Guidance

Actions to Consider

Learn More

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Figure: 3rd Enabling Technology Platform

Figure: EMEA Utilities, Share of Mobile Workforce Using Mobile Devices

Figure: EMEA Utilities, Expectations for Mobile Workforce for the Next 12 Months

Figure: EMEA Utilities Existence of Organizationwide Mobility Strategies

Figure: An Architectural Approach to Mobile Strategy Needed

Figure: EMEA Utilities, Most Significant Benefits Derived from Mobility

Figure: EMEA Utilities, Mobilization of Business Functions

Figure: EMEA Utilities, Biggest Challenges in Supporting Organization's Mobility

Figure: EMEA Utilities, Handling of Sensitive Data on Mobile Devices by Workforce

Figure: EMEA Utilities, Importance of Criteria for Selection of Enterprise Mobility Solution

Figure: EMEA Utilities, Existence of Mobility Management Solution

Figure: EMEA Utilities, Business Drivers Importance for Implementing Mobility Management Solutions

Figure: EMEA Utilities, Mobile Device Platforms in Use

Figure: EMEA Utilities, Number of Different Operating Systems in Use within Organization

Figure: EMEA Utilities, Employee Influence over Device Range Choice

Figure: EMEA Utilities, How the Workforce is Accessing Company Systems

Figure: EMEA Utilities, Main Drivers for Implementing a Formal Bring-Your-Own-(Mobile)-Device Program

Figure: EMEA Utilities, Main Concerns in Implementing a Bring-Your-Own-(Mobile)-Device Program

Figure: EMEA Utilities, Stage of Maturity of Mobile Applications Development and Deployment

Figure: EMEA Utilities, Investment Trends for Mobile Applications Developer Resources

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EMEA Utilities Getting Enterprise Mobility Right

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