Emerald Medical Applications Wins Third Prize at the Innovation Competition Of International Talents in Shenzen, China

Company Will Receive $30,000 As Well As Assistance In Establishing A Presence In China

Apr 20, 2016, 08:00 ET from Emerald Medical Applications Corp.

PETACH TIKVA, Israel, April 20, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

Emerald Medical Applications Corp. (OTCQB: MRLA) ("Emerald" or the "Company"), the Israeli-based company engaged in the development and sale of DermaCompare™, its proprietary artificial intelligence technology and application for the early diagnosis of melanoma and other skin cancers, today announced that it was awarded the third prize out of twenty-five other competing tech companies at the inaugural Innovation Competition Of International Talents held in Shenzhen, China (the "Competition").

The Competition, which was hosted by the Shenzhen Economic and Trade Office (SETO), the first Special Economic Zone in China and China's largest export city, as well as the center for innovation and entrepreneurship in China, featured 25 technology projects, selected from 1500 entries in five preliminary competitions held in Australia, Germany, Israel, Japan and the United States. The DermaCompare application and software technology (DermaCompare or the "App") was awarded its placement in the Competition as a result of its 2nd place finish, among 300 leading Israeli entrants in the preliminary event held in March at the renown SOSA Incubator in Tel Aviv.

DermaCompare enables patients to self-conduct a dermatology scan using Total Body Photography Imaging (TBP) taken with a simple digital camera, typically a tablet or Smartphone (iPhone or Android). The user-friendly App and self-explanatory instructions can be downloaded on virtually any device with a digital camera. Once a patient uploads their TBP images to their file in the DermaCompare cloud for storage and review, the DermaCompare platform (i) compares those images to any prior patient images on file as well as any relevant images from the Company's database; (ii) updates the patient file and creates a summary of data points with current, relevant data about the patient's skin images together with alerts to any suspicious image changes; and (iii) notifies the associated physician to retrieve and review the patient's chart and TPB images.

Lior Wayn, CEO of Emerald, stated, "The award from the Competition is the second time this month that DermaCompare has been recognized internationally, the first being in Brazil, and now at the prestigious Shenzhen Competition! I believe this is because our DermaCompare technology is uniquely suited to succeed in large markets where the sheer size of the country and vast population can make it difficult to secure a visit with a dermatologist and achieve early diagnosis of melanoma. DermaCompare can have a real impact on survival rates for patients with aggressive skin cancers like melanoma, where early detection can mean the difference between life and death."

Mr. Wayn continued, "Since the DermaCompare platform is application-based, it easily scales to large markets in many countries world-wide. Further, DermaCompare's intuitive design virtually eliminates the need for patient education, enabling us to immediately focus our attention on marketing and building the physician network necessary to serve their patients' dermatologic needs. We look forward to working with SETO's Director and Chief Representative, Mr. Victor Wang, and his team at SETO, to introduce the DermaCompare product to the Chinese market and elsewhere in Asia."

About Emerald Medical Applications Corp 

Emerald Medical Applications is an Israeli-based medical technology company that utilizes proprietary military image processing technology and state of the art data analytics to improve the analysis of medical images. Emerald's flagship solution, DermaCompare™, is an FDA Class #1 approved, HIPPA-compliant, skin cancer (melanoma) screening platform that enables physicians to identify and monitor changes in their patients' skin health, specifically the early detection of cancerous moles and skin anomalies.

The DermaCompare™ patient application is available in Mac or Android based platforms and works using virtually any digital camera, including cell phones, iPads, tablets and other similar devices, to take Total Body Photography ("TBP") images and, in real-time, transmit these images for dermatological evaluation and identification of suspicious moles, lesions and other skin conditions. These images are then compared using Emerald's cloud database, as well as the patient's previous Total Body Photography images, which will dramatically enhance a physician's ability to detect Melanoma earlier, more accurately and more efficient than other means of diagnosis

For more information, visit: http://www.dermacompare.com/

About The First Innovation Competition 

The First Innovation Competition of International Talents (the "Competition") which was hosted by the Shenzhen Economic and Trade Office (SETO), an Australia-based free business service provider representing the City of Shenzhen, is the penultimate event in a series of competitions held around the world that exhibit innovative thinking and game-changing advances in technology and industry.

The Competition is led by Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China, and State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, sponsored by the Shenzhen Municipal Government, and hosted by Shenzhen Longgang District People's Government, the Shenzhen Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Committee. The Competition, in response to the call for "mass entrepreneurship and innovation", aims to deepen international exchanges and cooperation in innovation, further promote organic combination of talents, technology and capital, attract more international talents to start business and make development in Shenzhen, and accelerate the creation of an ecological environment of openness, integration and innovation for entrepreneurship and innovation, help Shenzhen become an international city of entrepreneurship and innovation.

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Lior Wayn, CEO

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