Emerging Markets for Non-ITO Transparent Conductive Oxides

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Emerging Markets for Non-ITO Transparent Conductive Oxides


This report examines the market potential for transparent conductive oxides (TCOs) other than ITO.  Despite the newer advanced materials that are being proposed as substitutes for ITO, to date it is only TCOs that have successfully chased ITO out of a major end user market; thin-film PV, where fluorine-doped tin oxide (FTO) and aluminum zinc oxide (AZO) are already widely used.  At the same time newer TCOs are beginning to appear that have the potential to create new kinds of thin-film transistors (TFTs) for display backplanes for the newer types of displays such as those using OLEDs or even quantum dots.

In the rush to cover the newer transparent conductive nanomaterials, NanoMarkets believes analyst firms have neglected the opportunities that are emerging from the TCO sector and this report is designed to fill that gap.  In the report we examine the newer TCOs and where they fit into the applications space.  But we also analyze the market strategies available in the TCO sector and the opportunities for market leadership; something that has been absent in the more traditional and commodity like parts of the TCO business.

This report provides the eight-year forecasts by application and material type and also examines which firms will benefit from the development of an alternative TCOs.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

E1. Opportunities and participants in the non-ITO supply chain

E.2 Emerging opportunities for equipment companies in the alternative TCO space

E.3 Emerging opportunities for solar and display panel makers enabled by novel TCOs

E.4 Companies to watch

E.5. Summary of eight-year forecasts of TCOs  

Chapter One: Introduction

1.1 Background to this report

1.2 Objectives and scope of this report

1.3 Methodology of this report

1.4 Plan of this report  

Chapter Two:  Non-ITO TCOs:  Current and Future Materials

2.1 Fluorine-doped tin oxide (FTO)

2.2 Aluminum zinc oxide (AZO)

2.3 Indium zinc oxide (IZO)

2.4 Gallium zinc oxide (GZO)

2.5 Tin oxide (SnO2) and cadmium tin oxide (CTO)

2.6 p-type TCOs (Cu2SrO2 and CuInO2)

2.7 Emerging alternative TCOs

2.7.1 Other TCOs

2.7.2 TCO nanostructures

2.8 Key points in this chapter

Chapter Three: Application Specific Opportunities for Non-ITO TCOs

3.1 High-performance transparent conductors

3.1.1 LCD displays

3.1.2 Other displays

3.1.3 Touch screen sensors

3.1.4 Thin-film PV

3.1.5 OPV and DSC

3.1.6 OLED lighting

3.2 Low-performance transparent conductors

3.2.1 EMI/RFI shielding

3.2.2 Antistatic applications

3.3 Window-related applications

3.3.1 Energy efficient windows

3.3.2 Smart windows

3.4 Thin-film transistors:  Transparent and otherwise

3.4.1 TFT-LCDs

3.4.2 AMOLEDs

3.4.3 Digital radiography

3.5 Other emerging applications

3.6 Key points in this chapter

Chapter Four: Eight-Year Forecasts of Emerging TCO Markets

4.1 Forecasting methodology

4.1.1 Data sources

4.1.2 Scope of forecast

4.1.3 Alternative scenarios

4.2 Eight-year market forecasts

4.2.1 Forecast by application

4.2.2 Forecast by materials

4.3 Summary of market forecasts

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