Emoji are now selling smart home security -- and there's Eggplants (and Tacos and 'that Dress')

Aug 20, 2015, 22:52 ET from Spark New Zealand

AUCKLAND, New Zealand, Aug. 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Driving to the airport and suddenly worry that you've left the front door open? Sitting at work in a sweat thinking you've left the dog inside? You're not alone. A family of Emoji have revealed how they too suffer those 'oh poop moments' -- and why, as digital natives, they're now taking care of their home life on their smartphones with a home security system called Morepork.

VIDEO: Oh poop moment 1

Video: Watch #oh poop moments Ep. 1 2.

For the launch of Morepork, Spark has imagined what a life-size two story Emoji house would look like and built it in the foyer of their Auckland HQ. Spark's 'Morepork House' is a live demo set for the product and the set for two on-line films featuring the Emoji family who live in the house. 

Emoji is the fastest growing language on the planet, letting us all express quickly and clearly how we feel. The pictograms have changed how we communicate on-line and are now breaking out of their digital world to help us in real life to do everything from ordering a pizza to logging in to our bank accounts. They've even moved to the big screen, landing a Hollywood movie. 

Spark's GM of Smart Living, Gemma Croombs, says Morepork's designed to look after the things people love, their homes, their kids, the things they're emotional about, so an Emoji family are perfect to tell the story of how good it feels to have Morepork watching over them. 

"Has the dog been put out?" - And other tales from Spark's Emojiville

Featuring only sounds, music and Emoji, the Morepork films peek into the lives of the family (Mum, Dad, their little boy and his dog) living in Emojiville. The films show for the first time what an Emoji family's world might look like... and what they worry their dog gets up to if it's left inside.

Viewers get to go inside the mind's eye of the characters, seeing the catastrophe the Emoji family imagine unfolding at home when they think they've forgotten to lock the door or put the dog out. 

Gemma Croombs says the films capture that moment of panic, the "oh poop moment" we all feel when we think we've forgotten to take care of something at home. 

"For me it's worrying about whether I've put the garage door down. Until I got my Morepork, I had to turn the car around and go home to double check -- otherwise I'd spend all day feeling anxious about what could be happening."  

As you'd expect from a family who live their lives on-line, there are a few surprises that pop up in the Emojis' heads before they check their Morepork to see everything's okay. 

Dad thinks the dog's throwing a party, his son thinks burglars are going straight for the fridge…including his coveted Bacon and Taco Emojis, while Mum's worried about her on-line shopping being stolen (she's bought 'that dress' in cream and gold AND blue and black).

"We all know those moments, the crazy scenarios we imagine might be happening before that great feeling of relief when we can actually see there's nothing to worry about -- it's a series of emotions best expressed on the faces of our Emoji family."

Croombs says the use of Emoji in the smart home security category is a first. "Morepork is a smart, disruptive tech with the product and service designed to be 'digital first'. We needed to follow that approach in how we show our customers what Morepork can do for them."

"Spark's been speaking Emoji for over a year now, it's a language our customers love. Morepork House and our family's films create a great digital experience to show how having Morepork will make life easier."

Around 100 unique Emojis were created to bring to life the Emoji family's home and Emojiville. The house will be a live demo set for Morepork at Spark in Auckland until Saturday 22 August.  

Morepork films along with video, text and still images for publication are available at Morepork's Newsroom page. Including:

V/O edited version
Non V/O edited version
B-roll footage and interviews.

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