Employees Fully Unplugging on Vacation Despite High Jobless Rate

68% have little to no anxiety about missing work while on vacation

Jun 15, 2011, 12:36 ET from Aerotek

HANOVER, Md., June 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- During times of job uncertainty, employees historically tend to take greater precautions to protect their jobs, such as taking less vacation or sick days. However, a recent survey by leading international staffing agency, Aerotek, shows that 65% of respondents have no qualms about using some or all of their allotted vacation time. Could this be a sign of the much talked about economic recovery? Perhaps, according to the Aerotek survey conducted with 1,000 U.S. men and women ages 25 - 54, which examined work and vacation habits, as well as ways employees spend their time off.

While no one can be certain about the economy's effects on vacations, the survey showed that not only do a majority of employees plan on using their vacation time, but they also do not seem overly concerned about being away from the office or stressed about missing work. 68% of those surveyed have little to no anxiety about the work they are missing and 52% completely disconnect while on vacation according to the Aerotek survey. More than 50% also return from vacation feeling relaxed and refreshed.

"While we know that vacation time is important for an employee's health and well-being, it would seem the job uncertainty created by the economic recession would likely cause some employees to cut back on vacation time taken," said Todd Gardner, Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Aerotek. "It is uplifting to see that employees are taking vacations again and coming back to their job relaxed and refreshed, which will benefit both employee and employer."

Perhaps another sign of an increased sense of job security could be that more than half of the respondents completely disconnect from work while on vacation and there were far fewer respondents who were likely to check voicemail and email frequently or schedule specific times to check in with the office.

The survey also looked at how employees spend their vacation time. "Staycations," which became popular during the economic downturn, do not seem to be as popular according to this survey, with only 10% planning to stay home and visit local attractions. Now, the larger majority of 61% of all vacationers will travel elsewhere -- whether to visit friends and family, to relax or to sightsee, which could be yet another sign of an economic recovery.

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