Employers Urged to Support Staff Seeking Therapy for Stress

Dec 20, 2012, 12:05 ET from Fitzwilliam Health Clinic

DUBLIN, Ireland, December 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

It has been suggested by a recent survey that more people are suffering from stress in the workplace at the same time as absenteeism appears to be dropping. The relationship between these figures appears to make an argument for the fact that more people are attending work when they shouldn't, thereby exacerbating any problems they might have with stress.

Financial conditions currently being faced by members of the UK population are likely to be behind the fact that more and more employees are finding it more difficult to take sick days even when they really need to.

Figures collected by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) suggest that employee absence has fallen on average from 7.7 days per employee over the course of a year to 6.8 days. This represents quite a substantial drop in cases of sickness on company records, but it hides a more severe problem.

The companies wherein sickness absence has fallen the most are reported to be more likely to face longer periods of sickness related to stress.

The experts in physical therapy and massage at Fitzwilliam Health Clinic in Dublin are keen to point out that those suffering from stress need to take measures against it as soon as possible. Stress that is ignored often grows and it has physical as well as mental effects.

The team behind http://www.fitzwilliamhealth.ie have recently seen more patients interested in physical therapy and massage techniques as a means of overcoming problems with stress. These techniques have proven successful for many patients when it comes to addressing problems with lack of sleep, fatigue, anxiety and the physical and muscular symptoms associated with stress in the workplace.

The research team at the CIPD also had a message for employers regarding the wellbeing of their staff, citing 'presenteeism', the presence of sick members of staff at work, as a major issue. Dr Jill Miller stated:

"We urge employers to examine whether lower absence levels within their own organisations are as a result of more effective absence management or if they reflect the negative impact of presenteeism."

The advice for employers is to commit to proper absence management procedures and support members of staff who need care. The advice for those suffering from sickness or stress is to seek treatment and engage in open discussion with employers regarding the topic.

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SOURCE Fitzwilliam Health Clinic