eMusic Introduces Infinite Explorations

New online and iOS app cracks the code on limitless music discovery for everyone

Nov 30, 2012, 15:01 ET from eMusic

NEW YORK, Nov. 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- eMusic is pleased to announce the launch of Infinite Explorations, a new discovery platform that allows musically curious minds to embark on a limitless journey of music exploration. The app uses a proprietary algorithm informed by eMusic's unique community of culturally independent tastemakers, known for their eclectic and carefully curated music collections that are unbound by genre or the latest trends.

Infinite Explorations is available on the eMusic Web site and is now a free download from the App Store(SM). Current eMusic members and nonmembers can use Infinite Explorations with all iPod Touch®, iPhone®, and iPad® devices.

To start discovering, a user simply enters an artist's name into Infinite Explorations' search ribbon or chooses an album from the selection that automatically loads when the application launches, which is populated based on the most frequently downloaded albums. The resulting mosaic of album covers recommends similar artists and offers a platform from which users can preview songs off each record, view the artist's full catalog, purchase the album, or repopulate the entire search based on a recommended artist. The end result is an unparalleled opportunity for music explorers to dive as deep into discovering new artists, albums and styles as their hearts desire.

"The introduction of Infinite Explorations is a huge step forward in eMusic's mission to crack the code on how digital music explorers can serendipitously uncover their next favorite artist or album," said eMusic CEO Adam Klein. "Our goal is to deliver the best and most personalized music discovery experience available, whether you're looking for today's popular hits or unearthed gems. We take pride in our longstanding commitment to artists and labels, and the fact we have more than 17 million songs that span a wide variety of genres and subgenres."

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