Enabling Next Generation Tablet Computers - Thinix® Releases First Internet Browser Optimized for Windows 7-based Tablet PCs

May 03, 2011, 13:09 ET from Thinix

MILFORD, Iowa, May 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Thinix, [thin-iks] a leader in user interface design, cloud services, and secure computing, announced today the first truly touch-optimized Internet browser for Windows 7-based tablet computers named Thinix TabletBrowser™. Thinix TabletBrowser features natural gesture-based browsing, scrolling, panning, and zooming and allows access to a virtual keyboard with a single touch. Thinix will initially offer the software in English, Spanish, and French for download and free trial from their website (Thinix.com/TabletBrowser) and through major OEM tablet computer manufacturers. Retail price will be $4.99.

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Thinix TabletBrowser is a web browser designed and optimized for tablet PCs running Windows 7. It fully leverages the power of Windows 7 and Internet Explorer, and provides an interface and controls which are inherently touch-friendly. Thinix TabletBrowser brings natural finger navigation to Windows tablet users. This makes it possible to use things like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Gmail (and much more) in a finger-friendly tablet-optimized browser. Reading the news or doing research is much improved over browsers designed for desktop computers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Opera.

"Tablet and touchscreen technology is growing exponentially, and the iPad and iPhone have shown the importance of making tablet computers easy to use and finger-friendly," says Don Van Oort, Thinix CTO.  "Thinix TabletBrowser™ brings fun and efficient browsing to Windows 7-based tablet PC users for business and personal web surfing.  Reading the news or using Facebook is much better using TabletBrowser."

The simplified interface allows navigation through your favorite web sites with up to 32% more screen space dedicated to the browsing experience.   On supported hardware, TabletBrowser provides dynamic orientation and scaling – meaning the browser automatically adjusts from portrait to landscape orientations to provide you with the maximum amount of space dedicated to the browsing experience.

Surfing and searching is a breeze with Thinix TabletBrowser. With the integrated navigation bar, you can either type an address directly or enter a search term and you will be directed to the web site or to your search provider of choice. Installed search providers are Bing, Google, Yahoo!, and Ask. If your desired search provider is not listed, you may add your own custom provider.

Touch Friendly Favorites: "Not only are the primary controls of the browser easy to use with only your finger, the application configuration settings and favorites are also touch-friendly. The goal was to provide Windows 7-based tablet PC users with a natural, fun, browsing experience and that's exactly what TabletBrowser does," stated Van Oort.

Background Information:

Thinix TabletBrowser - Technical sidebar: Thinix TabletBrowser is a touch-optimized interface which leverages the Microsoft Trident rendering engine (the heart of Internet Explorer).  This provides users with the speed, security, and functionality that they are accustomed to and allows the playback of Flash-based content and access to thousands of popular websites.

Traditional browsers were developed for use with a keyboard and mouse, using screens which typically had a (nearly square) 4:3 aspect ratio.  On modern tablets the aspect ratio is closer to 16:9 (rectangular), so there is a limitation in the vertical resolution of the device. Traditional browsers waste this precious space with menus, and users are left with only a small amount of vertical screen space to view their web content. TabletBrowser was designed for 'finger navigation' and solves space issues by moving the navigation and menus to the side of the screen with the result being a much more natural, fun browsing experience.

Thinix Touch™: Thinix Touch is a flagship Thinix product which provides a touch friendly user interface for Windows 7-based tablet PCs.  Thinix Touch includes Thinix VirtualKeyboard™, Thinix Flip™ - software to automate transitions between Windows and Thinix Touch, and Thinix DynamicShell™ technologies.  This allows users to use natural gestures and single-touch operation to control their Windows 7-based tablet PC.  Thinix Touch runs almost all standard Windows applications and works by dynamically replacing the standard Windows shell (Explorer), with a touch-optimized shell which then handles all user interface responsibilities.  The iPad and Android devices are clearly aimed at the consumer space, while Thinix Touch allows for enterprise business, government, education, healthcare, and military devices to be deployed that run standard Windows applications in a touch-friendly manner.  Thinix Touch is preinstalled by tablet PC manufacturers and is offered for sale at Thinix.com/Touch.  Optimizations for the popular Dell Duo convertible laptop/tablet PC, and the HP Slate 500 tablet PC are available.

About Thinix:  Thinix is a wholly owned subsidiary of R & D Industries, Inc. a 27 year old technology research, development and engineering firm with market focuses Engineering, Software Development, OEM Software and Hardware solutions, User Interface Technology, Teleconferencing, Embedded Systems architecture, Cryptography, Network and PC security architecture, as well as cloud computing and virtualization solutions. Thinix technology is installed worldwide in Hospitality, Education, Government, Healthcare, Military and Agricultural applications.

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