Enabling Next Generation Touchscreen Computers - Thinix(R) Releases First Touchscreen User Interface Platform for Windows 7 Powered Tablet PCs and Computers

Jun 09, 2010, 13:23 ET from Thinix

MILFORD, Iowa, June 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Thinix [thin-iks] a leader in user interface design, cloud services and secure computing, announced today the first truly touch-friendly user interface platform for Windows based computers, Thinix Touch™ Version 6.  Thinix Touch replaces the standard Windows 7 user interface with a secure, touch-friendly shell so users can run applications without a keyboard and mouse.  Thinix has shown the beta versions of the software recently at HIMSS AsiaPac in Beijing and ALFA in Phoenix and will be showing Thinix Touch at a number of events this summer, including HITEC in Orlando, and InfoComm in Las Vegas.

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Thinix Touch is designed to provide the powerful and broad technology platform needed to efficiently use computers where a keyboard and mouse are not present.  Thinix Touch leverages the power and security of Windows 7 and will run on thousands of hardware devices.

"Touchscreen technology is growing exponentially, and the iPad and iPhone have shown the importance of making devices easy to use and finger-friendly," says Don Van Oort, Thinix CTO.  "Thinix Touch not only makes it possible to use Windows based computers with your finger, it makes it fun and efficient for business and personal applications."

  • Launch almost any local, cloud-based or virtual application with a single touch
  • Use a gesture to change between groups of applications
  • Multitasking - Minimize applications and switch between them with the Thinix AppDock™
  • Rotate your screen and work effectively in portrait or landscape orientation
  • Dock your computer and use a normal keyboard and mouse or type using Thinix VirtualKeyboard™ (an automatic onscreen keyboard with dynamic window sizing.)

Integrated within Thinix Touch is Thinix TouchTools™ Lite, which is a powerful finger-navigable menu that allows users access to quick buttons to insert text, launch websites, or run core applications.

Users may also run Microsoft Office, iTunes, print documents, play videos, music and Adobe Flash, use Internet Explorer, Active-X, Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Email and more.  Thinix Touch also leverages the power of Windows 7 to support most printers, USB devices, MP3 players, iPhone/iPad and peripherals.  

Thinix Touch will be deployed by major device manufacturers and system integrators in consumer devices and on tablet PCs, medical computers, vehicular computers and educational products.  Thinix Touch is also used in several of Thinix's other products including conference room, healthcare, hospitality, and education, as well as on consumer products.

"This isn't a new idea to us, this is sixth generation state-of-the-art technology deployed on thousands of devices," said Van Oort.  "Thinix Touch version 6 is the result of years of research and development and is now definitively the best touchscreen user interface in the world for Windows devices."

Interested persons should review the Thinix website for a full list of other security, branding and customization options in Thinix Touch as well as take advantage of a FREE demo that is available for a limited time from the Thinix website (http://www.thinix.com/touch).

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