Encore Energy Provides Oil and Gas Lease Opportunities for Operators and Mineral Owners of the Utica Shale

Oct 24, 2012, 12:08 ET from Encore Energy, Inc.

BOWLING GREEN, Ky., Oct. 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Encore Energy, Inc. provided the following report for recent lease acquisition transactions made and services available in the Utica Shale of Eastern Ohio.

Serving as an advisor to and representative of producers and industry mineral owners and their acreage in the Utica Shale, otherwise known as the "producers' consortium", Encore has recently closed on the sale of certain acreage tracts and is in the process of closing the sale and acquisition of additional acreage tracts located in the oil / wet gas window across three townships of Eastern Morgan and Northern Washington Counties.  The majority of this acreage is HBP (held by production) and off-set to Anadarko's Noble County production in Brookfield and Sharon townships.  One particular 1,300-acre contiguous tract is located just about 3 miles from Anadarko's production and surrounded by Anadarko's lease acreage.

As an experienced horizontal well operator, Encore's team has the proven track record and industry relationships necessary to provide a "win win" result for Utica operators and mineral owners alike.  Encore works directly with the operator and mineral owner(s) to piece together select tracts for horizontal operations.

Encore's available acreage includes a featured property of 10,000 +/- contiguous acres HBP for lease, or JV development, in Washington, Athens and Meigs Counties located off-set to "Utica vertical well pilot program(s)" that report increasing oil shows from a fracture treatment and TOC (total organic content) estimates of 2 to 3 times higher than original reports.

If you would like to find out more about Encore's services or available Utica properties for lease, please contact Steve Stengell or Joe Turner at (855) 238-1242, or e-mail us directly at info@encore-energy.com

About Encore Energy: The Company's management team has previously operated horizontal projects such as the Woodbine Sand and Georgetown Buda Lime in Texas. Encore's future plan is to form a company to acquire and develop properties as an operator in the Utica Shale.  The American Oil and Gas Reporter magazine released a feature article regarding Steve Stengell and Encore Energy, Inc., "Experienced Executives Form Companies to Find Oil, Liquids," www.aogr.com/index.php/magazine/editors-choice/experienced-executives-form-new-companies-to-find-oil-liquids

Cautionary Statement: This release contains forward looking statements and certain goals and/or timelines may or may not be achieved by the Company. There exist tremendous risk and uncertainty associated with oil and natural gas lease acquisition, exploration and development. Horizontal drilling increases the mechanical risks of operations. No assurances can be made as to the future production rates, reserves, etc. for any given project area. It is impossible to accurately forecast oil and/or natural gas production rates, reserves, prices, lease operating expenses, etc. Production estimates may be reported in natural gas or oil equivalent. It is also impossible to accurately predict or estimate the future value of Encore. No assurances can be made that the company will achieve results from future operations to make the proposed future operations herein profitable. There are additional risks such as lease title failure, project cost overruns, environmental risks etc. This is not an offer to sell a security nor is it an offer to buy a security.

Contact Information:

Bill Champion
Vice President of Business Development
Phone: (855) 238-1242, ext. 230
E-mail: bill.champion@encore-energy.com
Website: www.encore-energy.com

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