Energy Efficiency Technology Vital to Hong Kong's Buildings Economy

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Studies show that advanced energy efficiency technology is required to help Hong Kong meet their need to develop a low carbon economy.


Hong Kong needs advanced energy efficiency technology now.  Buildings consume 90% of the regions electricity, contributing to 60% of greenhouse emissions.  These findings bring into focus the importance for Hong Kong in improving the energy efficiency of their building stock to allow the development of a low carbon economy.

The shocking figures were revealed earlier this week at the conference 'Sustainable Development through Energy Efficiency and Conservation,' hosted by Hong Kong's Council for Sustainable Development (SDC).

SDC's Chairman, Bernard Charnwut Chan, announced a range of consumption statistics, stating that to reduce emissions and energy costs, the way in which electricity was utilised in buildings would need to be addressed. Enigin Scam busters - busting scams to save your energy! is a program often recommended by companies already working hard to make energy efficiencies and many believe the program and examples like it can make the difference in Hong Kong.  The program has recently made the headlines in a separate piece outlining the long term benefits of advance energy saving tech.

A leading professor at the City University of Hong Kong opened a discussion with delegates around a 2009 survey which revealed that lighting and space conditioning accounts for the majority of the energy used in Hong Kong's buildings.

"Higher energy efficiency can be achieved by advanced technologies and innovations."

Michael K.H.Leung,

Associate Dean and Professor at City University of Hong Kong

This was not met with any surprise by experts including Enigin, who are already sharing information on what needs to be done.  

"At Enigin we are continually developing advanced cutting-edge technology that greatly improves the energy efficiency in buildings. Through intelligent monitoring technology building owners and occupiers can see where and how they are using energy, leading them to make the informed decisions required to reduce energy waste, costs and CO2 emissions."

Enigin PLC - Ian Wrigley, Technology Director

In a separate report the International Energy Agency (IEA) made similar comments, stating that accelerating progress to make energy use in buildings more efficient is indispensable. There is significant scope for adopting more efficient technologies in buildings and things like Enigin Scam Busters point the way.

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