Energy Water Solutions Recycling Produced Water in the Eagle Ford Shale

Sep 17, 2013, 14:51 ET from Energy Water Solutions

HOUSTON, Sept. 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Energy Water Solutions is in production with its movable produced water recycling system in Texas' Eagle Ford Shale. Oil and Gas producers contract with EWS for onsite recycling of produced water on oil and gas well pads and collection facilities to lower total fluids management costs and production expenses. EWS' onsite recycling solution cleans water for reuse as frac water, to a producer's specification. Energy Water Solutions mobilized its oil field water recycling system from their Houston engineering and manufacturing facility in April 2013.  After a thorough production ramp up, this movable unit is in full production just south of Cotulla, Texas in LaSalle County on a multi-well production facility.  EWS' Regional Operations Center in Big Wells is staffed to support their produced and frac water recycling operation in the west end of the Eagle Ford.


EWS proven processes reduce injection well volumes and truck traffic, which lower water management costs for producers who contract for onsite produced water recycling.

Chairman of EWS David Skinner, and former Conoco strategist said, "Producers need an onsite produced water solution to solve their trucking and injection well issues.  Our research lead us to find and perfect a solution for the life of lease, and not just the life of the frac job, that lowers production costs and is easily movable between well sites."

EWS provides total water management to producers and operators using their patented process, creating water for reuse.  The proven recycling unit works on lease, reducing trucking and injection well requirements.  When a producer uses recycled water for a frac, less fresh water is required from the aquifer for frac'ing a well.  EWS' onsite oil field water recycling unit cleans produced water on lease, which lowers oil field traffic on public highways and private ranch roads.

About Energy Water Solutions

Energy Water Solutions is a Houston, Texas firm with leadership from energy, water and technology backgrounds from Conoco-Phillips, BP, Accenture, Siemens, ONEOK Energy Services, and SAP.  EWS is a total water management firm that recycles produced water for the life of lease for oil and gas producers which lowers overall production costs and creates incremental fresh water for beneficial use. 


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