engage:BDR Partners With Daniel Myrick's Schizo Pictures

engage:BDR and its Branded Entertainment Studio entegrate! to Create, Distribute, Monetize Web Series for Multiple Projects, Share Board Seats

Mar 29, 2012, 10:00 ET from engage:BDR

LOS ANGELES, March 29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- engage:BDR, a leading digital advertising and marketing agency, announced today it has partnered with critically acclaimed director Daniel Myrick's Schizo Pictures for multiple upcoming creative projects.  engage:BDR will help produce, distribute and monetize all facets of digital content for Schizo Pictures beginning with the Web comedy series Reemco.

Reemco, co-produced by Alex Borstein of the hit series Shameless and Family Guy, is a Web series comedy following the life and family of a famous fictional TV pitchman, Gilbert T. Reem.  engage:BDR will distribute the ten-part series though the engage:BDR Network, reaching nearly 109 million unique impressions globally.  engage:BDR will work with Myrick to secure brand partnerships and integrations in association with the series.

"Daniel Myrick is an extraordinary talent, not only in his storytelling skills, but his visionary ability to drive excitement to his projects virally," said Ted Dhanik, president, engage:BDR.  "engage:BDR shares the same vision and will help drive excitement by reaching the right audiences through our hyper-focused engage:BDR Display Network." 

Daniel Myrick's career began co-writing and co-directing the indie-film sensation, The Blair Witch Project. Considered a seminal work in low budget filmmaking, The Blair Witch Project ushered in a new methodology of production and grass roots marketing.  Myrick utilized his related experiences and skills to create Schizo Pictures, a transmedia production company developing online, television and feature projects, with partner Shawn Papazian.  Papazian and Myrick will serve as producers for all upcoming projects associated with the joint venture. 

"My team and I continue to be at the forefront of creating and pushing storytelling virally, which is becoming an increasingly difficult challenge to reach the right audience while finding ways to support these efforts financially," said Daniel Myrick.  "Our partners at engage:BDR are forging new and innovative ways to create, market and monetize high-quality content, allowing us to focus our creative efforts without compromise."

Daniel Myrick has been elected to serve on engage:BDR's advisory board, while Ted Dhanik, will serve on Schizo Pictures advisory board as part of the strategic relationship.

The engage:BDR Display Network represents premium inventories of a select group of publishers within comScore Top 1000. engage:BDR's proprietary ad serving technology provides unparalleled performance with advanced audience targeting based on census data and IP data, allowing engage:BDR to reach the exact audience for Schizo Pictures projects efficiently.

"entegrate! is structured like a true independent studio providing unparalleled creativity, flexibility and efficiency, while guaranteeing even more views than some of the biggest fish in the industry because of our engage:BDR Network," said Jason Steingold, vice president, branded entertainment, engage:BDR.  "Our deep brand relationships and experience with content creation delivers the ability to monetize quality content while seamlessly and authentically integrating brands."

engage:BDR's digital entertainment studio entegrate! will create and produce all Web content for Schizo Pictures. In addition to delivering unparalleled Web content, entegrate! is a digital production studio that enables brands to maximize their presence through custom online programming, distribution and brand awareness.

About engage:BDR

engage:BDR offer advertisers cutting-edge marketing solutions, advanced technology and custom programming by integrating display, video, and branded entertainment into a single network.  Whether it's driving qualified traffic and leads or building awareness and engagement, engage:BDR is committed to providing innovative solutions to reach consumers and deliver the highest quality results to their partners. 

About Daniel Myrick

Not long after graduating with his BA in film, Myrick co-wrote and co-directed the indie-film sensation, The Blair Witch Project. Considered a seminal work in low budget filmmaking, TBWP ushered in a new methodology of production and grass roots marketing.  Myrick then wrote and directed the post-Katrina production Solstice, starring Amanda Seyfried and Shawn Ashmore.  Shortly afterwards, Myrick teamed up with Tony Krantz (EP on 24) and John Shiban (EP on X-Files) to produce six films under their Raw Feed label with Warner Brothers.  Following this was The Objective, Myrick's sci-fi/thriller shot in the rural Berber villages of Morocco, which had its world premiere at the prestigious TriBeCa Film Festival and was subsequently picked up by IFC films.  Myrick is also CEO of Schizo Pictures, a trans-media production company developing several online, television and feature projects that cover a wide variety of genres.

About Schizo Pictures

Schizo Pictures is a forward thinking transmedia-production company established to create original content that will serve a wide variety of content partners and distribution platforms, with an emphasis on the horror, sci-fi and thriller genres.

Founded by Daniel Myrick (co-writer/co-director of The Blair Witch Project) and Shawn Papazian, Schizo establishes a cross-platform brand that will become synonymous with high-quality, genre content monetized through a variety of traditional and newly emerging revenue streams.

CONTACT: Jason Magner, Rogers & Cowan, (310) 854-8128, fax, (310) 854-8101, jmagner@rogersandcowan.com.