Enhanced Email Platform Delivers Mobile Analytics and Higher ROI for Email Marketers

eWayDirect's enhanced platform includes easier targeting for mobile devices and a browse abandonment solution delivering a four-to-10-time increase in online revenue

Feb 26, 2014, 09:02 ET from eWayDirect

SOUTHPORT, Conn., Feb. 26, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- eWayDirect today announced an expansion of its already full-featured award-winning trigger-centric Calibr email marketing solution with two important platform enhancements.

The first enhancement is an analytics solution giving marketers the ability to create dynamic list segments by device type (laptops, tablets, smartphones). This critical data gives marketers a bird's-eye view into opens and clicks from mobile devices. It takes traditional responsive design to the next level by allowing marketers to tailor campaigns specifically for people who open on particular device types. As technology evolves and device types proliferate, understanding how audiences prefer to interact with content is an essential data point in any marketing toolkit.

"The mobile audience is constantly evolving, and understanding that evolution is key to marketing success," says Neil Rosen, eWayDirect founder and CEO. "The data accrued enables marketers to create device-specific buying experiences, including the option of sending promotions to a single device. We need to leverage our ever-increasing understanding of the mobile landscape and of customers' marketing behavior when using mobile devices."

The second enhancement is a browse abandonment feature that makes it simple for all marketers to trigger emails in real time when subscribers leave a website page without making a purchase. These emails go to subscribers when they are online and when the brand is top-of-mind, delivering as much as 20 times the revenue per email of segmented email blasts.

"When marketers promote personal offers to subscribers based on the specific content being viewed, the messaging is powerful," says Rosen. "Our solution tracks subscribers' actions on the website, identifies each recorded visitor's actions, and–most importantly–responds to them immediately, with relevant content, significantly increasing overall ROI. While these emails represent one to three percent of total email volume, they generate on average 10% to 20% of overall monthly email revenue. That's a winner for any marketer."

To learn more about how eWayDirect's trigger-centric all-in-one award-winning Calibr platform can deliver valuable online customers and significantly improved ROI, visit www.ewaydirect.com today.

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