Oct 06, 2010, 12:49 ET from Enhanced Oil Resources Inc.

HOUSTON, TX, Oct. 6 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - Enhanced Oil Resources Inc. (TSX-V: EOR) is pleased to provide the following update to shareholders regarding the status of several ongoing projects within the Company.

Since the beginning of the year the Company has:

    1.  Generated positive cash flow in each of the 4 quarters beginning in
        the 4th quarter 2009 and continuing through the third quarter 2010,
        this is a first in the Company's history. The generation of positive
        cash is a key component for the Company as we negotiate with various
        lending institutions to finance the accelerated development of our
        oil projects.

    2.  Announced and received commitments, pending final regulatory
        approval, of a non-brokered private placement to raise up to $2.2
        million before closing costs. The first 3 tranches have been
        announced as closed and funds have been received.

    3.  Oil production has increased from 455 barrels per day in December of
        2009 to a current level of over 530 barrels per day.

    4.  The Company signed a 5 year gas delivery agreement with Kinder Morgan
        CO(2) Company, LP. The CO(2) purchased from Kinder Morgan will be
        used for enhanced oil recovery projects in our oil fields in New

    5.  Initiated production of the Morrow Interval in the 101 well at our
        Crossroads Field. The Interval has now stabilized and is pumping at a
        sustained rate of 50 barrels of oil per day with 46,000 cubic feet of
        gas per day. The success of this behind pipe zone will lead to the
        Company pursuing production from similar zones in other existing
        Crossroads wells.

    6.  Commissioned and received third party reserve reports giving the
        Company proven oil reserves, as of December 31, 2009 of $31,000,000.
        This number is an increase of over $25,000,000 from the same period
        in 2008.

    7.  Completed an independent evaluation of infill drilling at our
        Milnesand San Andreas Field with the potential for up to 70 infill
        locations on 20 acre spacing with an additional NPV (10%) of

    8.  Announced that Greenfire Energy has been awarded $2 million in
        Department of Energy Grants for the purpose of investigating and
        evaluating a geothermal program using CO(2) from the St Johns Field.
        Greenfire Energy was previously announced as a partner with Ridgeway
        Arizona Oil Corp. in a Joint Venture to potentially develop
        geothermal energy from the St Johns field.

    9.  Signed a drilling contract with Pinpoint Drilling for the first three
        wells of a five well program at the St. Johns Helium and CO2 field,
        Arizona. The program is expected to start no later than November
        15th, 2010. A formal announcement will be made once the drilling
        commences. The program is designed to firm up additional Helium
        reserves from the Helium rich northern part of the St. Johns Helium/
        CO(2) gas field.

    10. Commissioned Nishi and Associates to design and provide detailed cost
        estimates for a liquid Helium facility with raw feedstock volumes of
        100,000,000 cubic feet per day with an average Helium content of

The execution points outlined above have all been instrumental in adding value and stability to the Company. The plan is far from complete for the year with Management focusing on executing the following:

    1.  Financing for all aspects of the business plan is an immediate focus.
        As stated earlier, the Company has closed on the first 3 tranches of
        the previously announced placement. In the meantime, the Company has
        been exploring various financing options including both bank and
        mezzanine debt facilities and potential joint venture funding
        opportunities. Any financing facility would be focused primarily on
        the infill drilling program located at the Milnesand San Andres
        Field. Financing will also be directed towards the investigation,
        planning and potentially the construction of an 8 inch pipeline from
        the Kinder Morgan Cortez Pipeline to the Company's oil fields in New
        Mexico. Our objective is to have some or all of the financing
        outlined above, in place and announced over the next few weeks.

    2.  Planning and execution of our infill drilling program at the
        Milnesand San Andres field has been initiated. Permits for the
        initial infill wells will be applied for in early November with
        drilling expected to commence in late November or early December,
        subject to permit approvals and rig availability.

    3.  Initiate a fracture stimulation program at existing wells within
        Milnesand San Andres field.

    4.  The Company is preparing to run behind pipe logs in two wells in the
        Crossroads field to analyse and potentially exploit additional
        production from shallower zones, similar to the 101 Morrow zone that
        was found productive earlier this year.

During the fourth quarter of 2010 we will continue to execute the business plan approved by the board of directors earlier this year. We will also continue to focus on adding production, reserves and cash flows from our oil fields while at the same time continue to progress the St. Johns Helium/ CO(2) project. This is an exciting time for the Company as we move from being a 530 barrels of oil per day company to one with greater production and values.

Barry Lasker, CEO and President states "We believe the Company is in tremendous shape and we are poised to exploit our position within our New Mexico oil fields by increasing production and values. The focus has been to increase near term values through conventional oil production and medium term, through enhanced oil recovery processes. Longer term, the Company sees tremendous value in our St Johns Helium and CO2 field, however until suitable equity and/or industry partners can be found, we will continue with the development of the New Mexico oil assets.

The Board of Directors and Management are committed to the execution of the business plan as discussed. There is substantial potential in our assets and we intend to continue the development of those assets to ultimately increase shareholder value.

We thank you for your patience and continued support and we look forward to announcing material changes as they occur."

    About Enhanced Oil Resources Inc.

Enhanced Oil Resources Inc. is an early-stage company, with two principal business segments of

    (i)    Crude oil and natural gas production through enhanced oil recovery
           ("EOR") projects it is initiating in the Permian Basin on oil
           fields acquired by the Company in 2007 and 2008 for that purpose.
    (ii)   Helium and CO(2) resource exploration and production through
           property interests it controls in approximately 235,000 gross
           acres of land within the St Johns Helium/CO(2) field in Arizona
           and New Mexico, and where the Company is developing what is
           thought to be the largest undeveloped helium and carbon dioxide
           field in North America.

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    Barry D Lasker, CEO

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