Ensemble™ Telephone with ClearCaptions™ Empowers People with Hearing Loss

Aug 27, 2015, 09:00 ET from Factory Outlet Store

NEW YORK, Aug. 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- ClearCaptions, a revolutionary technology that transforms telephone conversations into text, allowing individuals with hearing loss to both hear AND read the conversation, today announced it will be offering one of its popular platforms – the Ensemble telephone with ClearCaptions – for just $75 through Factory Outlet Store.

For the millions of Americans experiencing hearing loss, ClearCaptions technology offers a solution that promotes equal communications access and independence.

"Everyone deserves equal communications access -- that's the reasoning behind ClearCaptions," says ClearCaptions President and CEO Bob Rae. "When we launched ClearCaptions several years ago, what we found time and time again is that many individuals who were experiencing hearing loss were either too embarrassed or too prideful to admit they had it."

With ClearCaptions, each call can be captioned. The user can also adjust text size and select personal preferences. "These technological advancements give something very important back to people who have abandoned the telephone because it was so frustrating for them to miss part of the conversation – it gives back their independence," explains ClearCaptions Senior Vice President Gordon Ellis. "I am very proud we are a part of something so big that changes the way society perceives people with hearing loss."

Rae agrees, adding, "What we found when we first established ClearCaptions was that society really didn't pay much attention to hearing loss in general, despite its prevalence. When we realized what we were up against, we changed our mission to become more focused on education. I'd like to think we played a part in not only raising awareness, but removing the stigma often attached to hearing loss."

Right now, Ensemble is available for just $75 at the Factory Outlet Store. A $229 value, ClearCaptions mission is to provide consumers with hearing loss an affordable solution to staying connected.

"The Ensemble with ClearCaptions is important because users can get the entire conversation, which in turn, preserves, promotes and celebrates their independence – ultimately, that is our main mission," says Rae. "And while others view it as technology, I know many people view Ensemble with ClearCaptions as a gift – a gift that allows people to remain vibrant, social and involved –that's not only important, that's priceless."

About ClearCaptions
ClearCaptions helps the more than 48 million Americans who have hearing loss across the U.S. to get the whole telephone conversation with captions. Much like closed captions displayed on a TV, ClearCaptions transforms real-time telephone conversations into text, displaying what the other caller says on the customer's preferred device. This allows the customer to both hear and read the conversation, helping customers stay connected through the phone.

ClearCaptions is regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and provides a service that is required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Title IV, to ensure individuals with disabilities receive equal communication access. ClearCaptions is free to qualified users and available through a variety of platforms, including personal computers, smartphones, tablets and the Ensemble. For more information on ClearCaptions, visit www.clearcaptions.com.

SOURCE Factory Outlet Store