Ensuing US, Countries Like India Awaken to Reputation Management in the Digital World

Feb 01, 2016, 10:00 ET from aRep Global

NEW DELHI, February 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

2016 marks the beginning of a year dedicated to online reputation management and digital engagement as numerous brands and agencies are seen coming together to create new interactive opportunities in the digital space. The field of digital reputation within India and Asia-Pacific region at large is witnessing a paradigm shift with several companies reporting substantial growth in terms of revenue. Digital engagement and online reputation management is increasingly becoming a vital ingredient for almost every company across the varied business sectors owing to the easy reachability to masses present online.  

Mohit Panicker, the official spokesperson for aRep Global , a leading digital engagement agency based in Delhi, India, says, "There has been a gradual change in the way the digital world operates with companies as well as individuals being more than ever concerned about their online image and interaction with customers through the popular digital means. Compared to a less conducive era, today we are experiencing a 300% year-on-year increase in our revenue, primarily given the substantial exposure people have got into the vast digital cosmos."

Digital engagement is a form of brand engagement where emphasis is laid on pertinent correspondence of the company with its target audience. Internet platforms, particularly the social media tools like Facebook, Twitter etc., are a potent device to enter into productive interaction with the consumers and generate valuable feedback on a brand. Companies are becoming fast aware that the online reputation of a business plays a tremendous role in shaping the perception of their clients, associates, employees and customers and decide on their scale of progress. Statistics pertaining to the global online industry also indicate signs of companies now recognizing the need for professional ORM services to keep up with the shifting digital scenario.

Maintaining a healthy online existence is a continual process and getting rid of one disturbing negative is simply not enough from a long term approach; the idea is to keep evolving and reforming your online stance going from negligent or negative to noticeable and positive to going viral and becoming the ultimate brand name. Mohit added, "Having successfully arrived at a turnover figure of around 10 million, our sole endeavor at aRep Global is to be the complete digital wellness partner for all our clients, ensuring them a sound and profitable business with the support of adequate digital engagement and ORM."

Organizations like Reputation.com in the west and aRepGlobal in the east among others, are changing the face of the wired world, liberating the enterprises of a tainted past owning to unmanageable circumstances. While several businesses excel at their core operations, a good chunk is still either blissfully ignorant of how the internet routinely affects them or handicapped to act given the lack of knowledge and skills. To beat the competition, excel as a brand and to sync in with the cutting-edge technology, it is critical to prudently manage the digital platform.

About aRep Global 

aRep Global is one of the top online reputation management companies which rightfully acknowledge the severity of creating, enhancing and stabilizing a suitable reputation in the digital arena. It is the pioneer in the field of ORM, having duly recognized the necessity of building, enhancing and maintaining one's appropriate reputation online. The company offers a great deal of online reputation management services and digital PR services including online reputation repair and monitoring, online reputation management tools remove complaints like negative review etc. and celebrity reputation management with online reputation management case studies and more. The company was set up in 2013 in New Delhi, India and established a marketing arm in London UK at the beginning of next decade. aRep Global is an UKTI empanelled corporation. The company is successfully running operations world over and has served a wide global clientele. Though having started with India and UK, it is also referred to as an Indo British firm.

The organization works on the three pillars of repairing, branding and monitoring the online image of a business enterprise. Its exclusive ORM services are constituted considering the relevant pain points of the Indian commercial sectors so as to cater accurate and precise solutions to the business enterprises.

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