Enterasys Enhances IdentiFi™ to Deliver Game Changing SDN Technology for Wi-Fi Environments

Business Agility Increased through Simplified Programmability from any IT Application

Jun 04, 2013, 08:30 ET from Enterasys Networks

SALEM, N.H., June 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Enterasys Networks, a Siemens Enterprise Communications Company, is delivering the industry's first software-defined networking (SDN) solution for Wi-Fi for both wired and wireless deployments. By leveraging the recently released SDN solution, Enterasys has extended the flexibility of the IdentiFi architecture to enable programmability from any IT application. This new architecture, called IdentiFi Adapt, provides a catalyst for innovation in any Wi-Fi environment where collaboration and orchestration with other applications are necessary for the agile delivery of new services.  

Other new features which increase visibility, control, and simplicity include new monitoring dashboards and maps, as well as advanced device and user location services and integration with the new AP3715 wireless access point (AP). Beyond unified wireless and wired management through the OneFabric Control Center, IdentiFi Adapt enables centralized control and distributed intelligence throughout the entire network, while providing easy integration through OneFabric Connect SDN with any IT application.

Key Functionalities

  • Enterasys is the first company to offer SDN for Wi-Fi for both wired and wireless customers, continuing momentum from the May OneFabric Connect SDN launch, an SDN solution that has integration with a community of partners to provide predefined and customer-defined applications. 
  • IdentiFi Adapt uses the concepts of Network Function Virtualization (NFV) for all management and control functions in its SDN architecture.
  • IdentiFi allows IT to decide how traffic paths are engineered and managed, whether forwarded locally, centrally or in a combination of both. Additionally, IdentiFi enables IT to encrypt data traffic on the wired side, a key benefit for cloud deployment and security-critical environments such as healthcare.
  • To improve performance, reduce management complexity and optimize battery life, Enterasys supports multiple traffic paths on a single SSID based on user identity.
  • Increased visibility via OneFabric Control Center coverage maps provide operators with a graphical view of Wi-Fi coverage, and advanced real-time triangulation can pinpoint the location of devices for easy troubleshooting.
  • IdentiFi eases management and control of multicast traffic like Apple Bonjour, UPnP and others. This greatly reduces network noise from these chatty protocols.
  • Administrators can set policies to identify, contain and control the network by device, user, location and time of day.

Executive Perspectives

Ali Youssef, Wireless Solutions Architect, Henry Ford Health System

"Enterasys IdentiFi was instrumental in deploying a safe and reliable wireless network across Henry Ford Health System campuses. It's rare that you come across a partner so willing to work around your challenges and still deliver a cost effective solution that's easy to manage. I would definitely recommend the IdentiFi solution to others, and I look forward to seeing how this new iteration can be used at our institution to further provide exceptional wireless technology to employees and guests."

John Mazur, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group

"With a flood of BYOD gadgets assaulting wireless LANs and the need to ensure a quality user experience, enterprises are looking for a new approach to handle this avalanche of complexity. Separating data and control by bridging traffic simultaneously at the AP and controller under policy control, Enterasys IdentiFi Adapt presents a new SDN use case for Wi-Fi that can help organizations with regulatory compliance for standards such as HIPAA, and enable them to enact new services and policies in a much more rapid manner."

Craig Mathias, Principal Analyst, Farpoint Group

"With mobility now central to every organization's operations, IT needs to plan and execute in terms of an integrated wired and wireless approach to their network environment. Effective solutions will focus on simplicity, efficiency, and cost control. Enterasys' IdentiFi Adapt architecture provides just that. For example, the ability to apply different classes of service to a single SSID provides a simpler way for organizations to manage their integrated network without the need to over-provision."

John Hanahan, Vice President of Product Management, Enterasys Networks  

"Research shows that network operators crave simplicity when it comes to network procedures. The two biggest issues they face are the overwhelming amount of manual processes they currently deal with, and the difficulties/delays associated with network configuration changes. IdentiFi was created with this in mind, and it delivers network operators a simple and programmable solution that also provides exceptional control and visibility, which leads to a much more manageable and productive environment."

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