enter:new media Launches "Branderati" Advocate Influencer Marketing Platform

Jan 17, 2013, 09:30 ET from enter:new media

NEW YORK, Jan. 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Social Media Agency enter:new media (ENM) has announced the official launch of its advocate influencer marketing platform, Branderati. The new software and service solution has been in development and live testing since 2010, and is the first to focus exclusively on helping brands create and leverage powerful VIP networks of fans known as Advocate Influencers. Branderati provides a turnkey solution to recruiting, activating and amplifying robust Advocate Influencer Networks from brands' existing social communities. 

ENM founder and CEO Mark Curtis, says, "Branderati represents a unique approach to influencer marketing. Social listening tools that simply identify digital influencers don't provide a viable answer to creating a scalable activation program. Conversely, networks of 3rd party influencers fail to take advantage of the substantial number of highly influential fans brands already have in their existing communities."

ENM defines a brand's "Advocate Influencers" as those that are passionate about the brand, actively willing to participate, aligned with the brands image, and are socially influential. Branderati's unique process of building bespoke brand networks focuses on screening for all four of these critical criteria.

According to Curtis, creating members-only sub-communities of VIP social fans is a logical next step in brand social media management. "As brands continue to focus on growing the scale of their social/digital communities, they are also building connections to larger numbers of untapped Advocate Influencers. Branderati allows brands the opportunity to activate these digitally powerful brand allies in line with top promotional priorities on an ongoing basis."

Branderati has already been proven across multiple media clients in helping solve the need to monetize social media by providing a way for advertisers to reach their most influential audience members. The platform has also formed the foundation of influencer initiatives for more than 50 brands across different industries, from beauty and luxury to fashion and retail, to consumer packaged goods and technology.

For more information about Branderati (www.branderati.com) and enter:new media (www.enternewmedia.com), please contact Amy Skarbnik, as@enternewmedia.com or call 212-730-2033.

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enter:new media (ENM) is a leading social media agency focused on growing, activating and optimizing social media communities for entertainment, fashion, and retail brands. Unlike other agencies offering social media services, ENM was designed from the ground up to deliver end-to-end social media capabilities encompassing Strategy, Outreach, Content, Analytics, Marketing, and Media. The agency has recently launched its advanced Advocate Influencer Marketing platform, Branderati. (for more visit: branderati.com) ENM is an independent agency based in New York City. For more information, please visit: http://enternewmedia.com.

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