Enterprise Data Aggregator CBNData Makes its Debut

China Business News announces strategy to enter enterprise data market

Dec 08, 2015, 08:00 ET from China Business Network

SHANGHAI, Dec. 8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- CBNData, an enterprise data aggregator, made its debut today as China Business News ("CBN") and formally enters the data market following strategic partnership with Alibaba Inc ("Alibaba"). The platform aims to provide data-driven business value for the new generation.

CBNData published 50 big data business reports ("the Reports") on the same day, covering major Chinese consumer industries including maternity and baby products, home furnishings, sportswear, home electronics, cosmetics, food, shoes, bags and apparel.

CBNData also marks the first time Alibaba has released systematic consumer data. The Reports provide a comprehensive picture of Chinese business, ranging from online shopping preferences by age groups, consumer behavior across various settings, to industry and brand trends. The Reports indicate five key trends in the Chinese consumer market: health-focused, intelligent, personalized, traditional and young.

The Reports also show that trend towards mobile online shopping is gaining momentum, therefore it is important for shop owners to understand consumer behavior and industry trends on mobile devices. The Reports provide detailed information regarding trends and consumer profiles in selected industries. 

The Reports shed light on future consumption trends in China, with insights that include the second-child policy's influence on the maternity industry, as well as the close relationship between popular overseas e-commerce and the Chinese consumer's globalized buying preferences.

As a leading enterprise data aggregator combining CBN's multi-media platform and Alibaba's data resources, CBNData rests on a three-fold data application strategy: mediafication, commercialization, and automation.

  • Mediafication: financial news application DTimes will provide data-based interpretation of news stories as well as personalized news and information through a data analytic lens.
  • Commercialization: CBNData will provide corporate clients with data products based on data mining, integration, and analysis pulled from Alibaba's uniquely positioned big data resources.
  •  Automation: Advanced technology will automatize news production and data consolidation, offering an open data toolkit for the media industry in the coming future.

CBNData's core competitiveness derives from Alibaba's e-commerce database. Alibaba's 2015 Q3 report shows that the number of annual active buyers on the platform have reached 386 million, which provides solid big data resources for analyzing consumer markets at home and abroad.

Zhou Jiangong, CEO of China Business News, believes that big data is vital for enterprise-level decision-makers, and that media can empower the business world by providing timely information. CBNData, by integrating the media and big data functionalities, will accelerate the transition of financial media and help develop the Chinese business industry, as well as easing the way for start-up companies to access data resources, driving a business revolution in the Data Technology era.

About CBN

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