Enterprise Print Services Represents Significant Cost Reduction Opportunity

Alsbridge Bolsters Expertise and Services Capabilities to Help Clients Reduce Print Costs by 30% to 48%

Oct 15, 2015, 12:52 ET from Alsbridge Inc.

DALLAS, Oct. 15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Alsbridge Inc., a global sourcing, benchmarking and transformation advisory firm, today announced the expansion of its enterprise print services line through business methodology enhancements and the recruitment of key industry experts who will lead service delivery in response to growing customer demand.

"Most organizations do not understand their overall cost of printing or where they can drive improvements and efficiencies," said Chip Wagner, CEO of Alsbridge. "Print costs are often decentralized with the budget spread across many P & L's. Uncovering those hidden costs drives both savings and profitability improvements, and our clients are recognizing the value of comprehensive assessments and well-defined sourcing strategies."

Enterprises have struggled for years to get a handle on their print services, spending millions of dollars annually on paper, printing supplies and postage costs for internal and external documents such as policies, reports, statements and invoices. The fact that print operations are typically dispersed across multiple business units such as IT, procurement and marketing makes centralized oversight difficult. Moreover, print-intensive industries such as banking and insurance have invested heavily in internal print capabilities. While outsourcing these operations can yield significant savings, the complexity of transitioning has presented a barrier.

Alsbridge's print services offering provides an objective analysis and assessment of in-plant print production facilities, managed print services (MPS) and/or print procurement. Following the analysis and benchmarking process, Alsbridge advisors develop various alternative sourcing scenarios that may include internal improvements, enhancements with current providers or outsourcing.  By uncovering hidden costs, initiatives to date have resulted in print savings of 30 percent to 48 percent, and have helped clients transform their print environments into strategically focused and more profitable business entities.

"By enhancing our capabilities around enterprise print services, we can help our clients in yet another enterprise area," said Jeff Augustin, Alsbridge Managing Director and Outsourcing Advisory Service Lead. "Moreover, by aligning print into the overall enterprise sourcing strategy, we further round out our complete advisory service set."

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