Entrepreneur Funds Mini City Hall in North Las Vegas

Jul 22, 2015, 09:45 ET from Mini City Hall

NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev., July 22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Arsen Ter-Petrosyan, an Armenian immigrant who has been no stranger to hard work and life challenges, has decided to leverage his recent success to help the city where he resides and has grown to love.

"I remember the resources that were made available to us when we arrived when I was only 12. We agreed as a family that we wanted to give back to the community that had made us feel so welcome," said Ter-Petrosyan, former owner of his father's invention, The Revolving Sewing Kit.

Prior to procuring investors to purchase the hand-made wooden prototype, Arsen Ter-Petrosyan devoted most of his time to serving his community as early as age 14. "I joined the Los Angeles Police Department Explorer program," Ter-Petrosyan reminisced, "It was a wonderful experience and really made me feel like I was making a contribution that I could be proud of."

The Founder underscores the importance of collaborative efforts among all constituents. While the city has managed to redeem prior speculation of bankruptcy, there is still quite a stretch when it comes to the road to financial recovery. Arsen Ter-Petrosyan invites all surrounding cities to visit and witness North Las Vegas' new attribution.

About us:
Mini City Hall is a fully integrated, premiere administrative hub, founded in 2015. With private and nonprofit collaboration at its core, Mini City Hall offers an array of services to help businesses leverage resources for business acquisition, licensure, and reputation management. On the constituent side, we offer family, employment and utility payment services.

Mini City Hall believes that collective efforts within our community is key to empowering growth, quality of life and safety for all.


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