Entrust, Thai Digital ID Sign PKI Reseller Agreement

Entrust PKI supplants incumbent CA with superior scalability, reliability and flexible deployment options

Oct 27, 2010, 08:00 ET from Entrust, Inc.

DALLAS, Oct. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- The Entrust, Inc. public key infrastructure (PKI) technology has been selected by the Thai Digital ID Company Limited (TDID), displacing an incumbent PKI provider in the market. Thai Digital ID will resell Entrust's in-house and hosted PKI solutions — Entrust Authority PKI and Entrust Managed Services PKI, respectively — to current and future customers in Thailand.

"Entrust's proven PKI solutions provide us the reliability we require, but also allow us to offer value-added services to our customers and clients," said Mr. Olarn Wattanasawang, managing director at TDID. "We actively sought a cost-effective PKI platform that can scale to meet any security challenge — regardless of scope, industry or environment."

Entrust's PKI platform is more cost-effective for TDID in the long term. The shift in technology also allows the company to grow the value-added services they can offer to customer environments.

"This is yet another win for PKI — not only for Entrust but for the technology as a whole," said Entrust President and CEO Bill Conner. "The use of digital certificates — in this case from a PKI — is core to strengthening trust in identities, devices, applications and machines in any environment. And a proven PKI platform streamlines this process for organizations, financial institutions and enterprises."

Entrust's first public key infrastructure — the world's first commercially available PKI — was released in 1994. Now in its eighth edition, the Entrust Authority PKI product portfolio is the industry's most relied-upon PKI solution.

By managing the full lifecycles of digital certificate-based identities, Entrust Authority PKI enables encryption, digital signature and certificate authentication capabilities to be consistently and transparently applied across a broad range of applications and platforms.

Entrust Managed Services PKI allows organizations to establish and maintain a trustworthy environment by providing certificates that secure many off-the-shelf applications using encryption, digital signatures and strong certificate authentication. This enables organizations to control access to resources, prevent theft of information, and comply with privacy and digital signature regulations.

Founded in 2000, Thai Digital ID's core mission is to establish a trustworthy CA service center to facilitate e-commerce in private and government sectors. One of the major CAs in Thailand, TDID serves as a CA hosting service provider who offers establishment, as well as operations management, to organizations that require CA systems for enterprise security.

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