ENU® Complete Enteral Nutrition Formula Featured in Leading National Publication, HIV Plus

ENU called "far superior" enteral formula for HIV patients experiencing involuntary weight loss

Feb 17, 2016, 09:04 ET from Trovita Health Science

MINNEAPOLIS, Feb. 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- ENU® complete nutrition shakes, Trovita Health Science's flagship line of enteral nutrition formulas, is featured in the March-April issue of HIV Plus Magazine. The article addresses ongoing concerns of unintended weight loss, and protein and micronutrient deficiencies in HIV patients, and recommends ENU as an optimal choice for nutrition support for this patient demographic to maintain weight, without excessive sugar consumption.

Growing concern among health care professionals regarding unintended weight loss occurring in a significant proportion of HIV patients, despite antiretroviral therapy has accentuated the need for improved enteral formulas. While HIV treatments have greatly improved, epidemic incidences of micronutrient deficiencies and malnutrition resulting in unintended weight loss continue. Weight loss in HIV patients is associated with infections, metabolic comorbidities, loss of appetite from depression, side effects of medications, and oral and esophageal problems that can make chewing or swallowing difficult – all subsequently linked to treatment failure and disease progression.

William Brown, Trovita's CEO and co-founder, noted, "Interest in ENU complete nutrition shakes from the HIV patient community is dramatically increasing. Cachexia is becoming more prevalent today and unintentional weight loss in HIV patients is a serious concern that can have devastating results. Our mission is to change the landscape of nutritional health by addressing the needs of chronically ill patient populations facing involuntary weight loss. Trovita Health Science is striving to develop innovative enteral nutrition advances in the $10 Billion global marketplace."

ENU is a high quality, high calorie and protein complete nutrition supplement and can be used as a single source of nutrition or for meal replacement to reach recommended daily nutrition intake, while offering consumers a product that is lactose free, gluten free, non-GMO, and contains 24 essential vitamins and minerals. Further, ENU contains natural MCT (medium chain triglycerides) from coconut oil that has been demonstrated to improve absorption of critical micronutrients.

The article in HIV Plus describes ENU as a superior formula to competing nutritional formulas that are currently reimbursed through state Medicaid programs, due to a higher protein concentration, high caloric content without the use of corn syrup and sucrose, a decreased sodium level while delivering a high level of electrolytes, and ENU's lack of food additives and artificial ingredients. Two leading enteral formulas, Ensure® and Boost®, contain more than 100% of the FDA recommended daily sugar intake when used as sole source nutrition. Conversely, ENU shakes are compliant with these FDA sugar recommendations, which were issued in November 2015. A single serving of ENU provides more protein, calories and half the sugar content than two servings of the leading shakes, making ENU offers a good value proposition for public procurement programs.

Increasing rates of insulin resistance and diabetes has been reported in numerous studies in HIV- positive patients with risk factors increased by intake of enteral formulas with a high sugar content, either as a primary source of nutrition or as a supplemental source of calories, protein and micronutrients.

Dr. Roscoe Moore, former U.S. Assistant Surgeon General and Senior Scientific Advisor to Trovita Health Science, stated, "It is imperative that both public and private procurement and insurance programs re-evaluate nutrition programs in light of the new FDA recommendations on daily sugar consumption and realize that substantial taxpayer money is being spent on clinically utilized nutrition products with excessively high sugar content. Typical nutrition formulas, due to the inclusion of corn syrup and sucrose, are contributing to metabolic comorbidities such as HIV-associated insulin intolerance. It is important that nutrition be carefully considered when evaluating the total costs of healthcare in chronically ill patient populations dependent on enteral formulas and ready to use therapeutic foods."

Dr. Harold Smith, Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics at University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, and a member of Trovita's Scientific Advisory Board, noted, "It is well known that malnutrition effects the efficacy of antiretroviral therapies which can lead to the development of drug resistance. Nutrition profiles of HIV patients are critical to insuring ARV's and other medications are effective. ENU's high quality ingredients and selection of proteins makes it an ideal product to support HIV patients because the ingredients are more readily absorbed – meaning patients will actually receive the nutrition that ENU provides."  

An abstract has been submitted to the 21st International AIDS Conference, taking place in South Africa in July 2016, addressing clinical studies necessary for an evidence-based approach and characterizing ENU as an optimal ready-to-use therapeutic food in HIV patent populations to address micronutrient and protein deficiencies.

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HIV Plus magazine is a hardcopy and web-based publication that has been a leading source of information to the HIV community since 1998, with a readership of more than 1 million people per issue, based on more than 225,000 printed copies and 5.2 readers per issue. http://www.HIVPlusmag.com 

About the 21st International AIDS Conference
The 21st International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2016) takes place on 18-22 July 2016 in Durban, South Africa. The biennial International AIDS Conference truly is the premier meeting where science, leadership and community meet for advancing all facets of our collective efforts to treat and prevent HIV. AIDS 2016 represents a tremendous opportunity to show how much progress South Africa has made in implementing and funding evidence-based prevention and treatment interventions.

About Trovita Health Science
Trovita Health Science is an emerging life science company focused specializing in medical nutrition innovation. Trovita is currently working toward providing expanded patient access to its flagship brand of enteral nutritional products, ENU®, through state funded Medicaid programs in order to respond to the needs of underserved populations. Trovita is retiring the original ENU formulation in 2016, and will introduce a new formula with improved taste and even lower total sugar content to continue to address public health concerns about sugar consumption. In addition to developing multiple new formulations of ENU, Trovita is developing the combination of a new enteral formula and an IP-protected delivery system specially designed for tube feeding, with product launch anticipated in the second half of 2016.

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