Envi Reusable Bags Meet All Safety Standards for Lead, Other Toxins

Dec 09, 2010, 08:42 ET from Envi Reusable Bags

NEW YORK, Dec. 9, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Envi Reusable Bags (www.envireusablebags.com) has confirmed that its bags, sold at supermarkets, toy stores, and other retailers nationwide, are tested and certified to meet all safety standards for lead and other metals and toxins. Envi has invested in continuous safety testing through an accredited third-party lab since its inception. Everything from the ink, dyes, and materials used, to the factories where Envi bags are made, are regularly checked to ensure compliance with the latest US and other global standards.

According to Envi founder Sylvia Feldzamen, high demand has drawn cheap alternatives to the market in recent years that don't meet quality standards. She believes companies should be held accountable for their bags, and suggests that retailers revamp their standards of selecting reusable bag vendors using a 5-point checklist:

  • Validate vendor testing. Vendors should use an accredited third-party lab, and have the paperwork to prove it. In fact, retailers should add a line item to their vendor forms for testing references, requiring the names of labs used and copies of invoices to prove that the vendors themselves are doing the testing.
  • Inquire about other green practices. Is your vendor just in it for the revenues, or truly committed to environmental safety? Ask about other programs they offer, like Envi's soon-to-be-launched retailer recycling initiatives.
  • Look into vendor history. Many vendors enter the reusable bag business overnight, or are promotional companies that carry hundreds of other products. These vendors are less likely to be vigilant about their reusable bag standards.
  • Understand safety testing practices. Testing should be ongoing, with both scheduled and unannounced checks. Ask for multiple certifications and reports to show compliance. One certificate isn't enough, and can be easily faked.
  • Get customer references. Call the vendor's customers to make sure they haven't had any problems. Ultimately, retailers must look beyond price alone, and find a reliable partner who can also deliver on quality, safety, timeliness, and more.

A 20-year veteran of the reusable bag industry, Feldzamen personally guarantees the quality of all Envi products by implementing rigorous safety measures, and working closely with retailers to deliver bags that are on-time, in-budget, and meet every need. The company maintains an office in China to directly oversee the integrity manufacturing operations, and welcomes retail buyers visiting the region to tour its factories. Retailers can also call Envi anytime (877-GO-ECO-55 or 877-463-2655) with any questions or concerns.

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Envi is a leader in creating top-quality reusable bags that meet stringent safety standards, delivering a unique balance of style, purpose, and price. Envi works with supermarkets, toy stores, and other retailers to launch customized reusable bag programs that increase social responsibility, customer adoption, and brand awareness. Envi is a division of Syfel, Inc., one of North America's largest

reusable bag suppliers for two decades. www.envireusablebags.com.

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