Environmental Data Resources Introduces Environmental Issues Report For Residential Markets

Sep 08, 2011, 11:12 ET from Environmental Data Resources, Inc.

MILFORD, Conn., Sept. 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Environmental Data Resources Inc., (EDR), the leader in property-specific environmental information and risk management solutions, today unveiled the Environmental Issues Report (EIR), an online environmental education tool for homeowners, homebuyers and real estate brokers.

The EIR provides access to information about the historical and current use of land in U.S. neighborhoods, especially uses that may pose environmental risks.

For over two decades, EDR has provided information nationwide for commercial real estate transactions. Now, homeowners and buyers, sellers, brokerages, real estate agents and home inspectors can directly access EDR's extensive database.

"Conducting an environmental history search on a possible new home or residential lot is a prudent step in the due diligence process for homebuyers," says Max Cook, an environmental professional with Ranger Environmental Services, Inc. "Just as the market requires homebuyers to procure appraisals and home inspections, the natural next step should be to identify impacts to properties or surrounding properties which have nearby contamination reports that could affect home occupants."

Commonly recorded impacts include contaminated soil or groundwater, and according to Cook, "facilities such as gas stations, dry cleaners, landfills, former airports and military bases are everywhere and can affect the environmental health of many neighborhoods across the U.S."

To run an EIR, users can visit www.environmentalissuesreport.com and enter the desired address to obtain a property map that shows environmental issues within a one-mile radius. Users can then request access to a more detailed report that will help inform them of the risk any reported event(s) poses to their home or well-being. If a professional opinion on the information is needed, users can consult with an environmental professional from EDR's expansive, knowledgeable network.

"The EIR is a fantastic tool for the residential and real estate professional communities," says EDR CEO Rob Barber. "Brokers who strive for a 'higher standard of care' will be able to equip their clients with a tool that offers comprehensive knowledge of the property and the peace of mind that can make a home purchase less stressful. Even current homeowners should evaluate their property for environmental impacts throughout their ownership, as spills and contamination events happen often."

About EDR
Environmental Data Resources (EDR) is the industry leader in property specific environmental information and risk management solutions. For more than 20 years, EDR has been building and updating the world's most comprehensive database of environmental records and land use information from thousands of federal, state, tribal, local and private sources. Called NEDIS™ (the National Environmental Data Information System), this database has more than 3.1 billion records and proprietary data sets including the treasured historic Sanborn Maps that are blended into one comprehensive interface. EDR sets the standard for providing the tools, technology, information and professional staff to serve environmental consultants, lenders, corporations, insurers, real estate investors and consumers across the country. Founded in 1990 and based in Milford, CT, EDR has regional offices located throughout the United States. The company is wholly owned by DMG Information Inc., the business information division of Daily Mail and General Trust, plc (DMGT). For more information about EDR, visit www.edrnet.com.

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