EON Payment Solutions Announces Automated Decline Management Capabilities

Rules-based Retry / Rebill / Recycle Engines Eliminate Guesswork and Manual Intervention to Significantly Improve Success Rate of Credit Card Transactions for EonPay's Merchants

Mar 27, 2014, 15:59 ET from EON Payment Solutions

SHERWOOD, Ark., March 27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- EON Payment Solutions – a division of industry pioneer ABC Financial Services – announced automated functionality for the Management of Declined Credit Card Transactions for users of their next-generation Recurring Billing and Payments offering.

EON's technology, the EonPay Platform, provides innovators, entrepreneurs, developers, and eCommerce businesses with the most flexible, innovative, and cost-effective cloud-based solution for Total Payment Management - Credit/Debit Card processing, ACH Processing, Recurring and Subscription Billing, Merchant Services Integrations, Commissions Management, and much more, all from within a single unified code set.

By automating the Retry / Rebill / Recycle process, EonPay's sophisticated technology eliminates the guesswork around when to recharge cards after transactions are declined, negating the need for manual efforts to attempt to collect payments-due for Recurring Bills and other types of charges. With Rules-based engines that are easy to configure and manage, EonPay enables merchants to significantly increase the success rate of transactions, ensuring a consistent stream of expected revenue and helping to maintain profitable long-term relationships with customers.  

"Declined transactions are a reality of the Payments world," said Jason Tiner, Director of Business Development at EON Payment Solutions. "By automating the Decline Management process, we're able to give EonPay users the best possible tools to retrieve what is owed to them in the timeliest manner, as well as to offer pro-active avenues for their own customers to make payments or provide new card details, addresses, and other needed information."

EonPay users also benefit from advanced features such as Automated Credit Card Updater; options for adding late fees, decline fees or for making other accruals to overall balances in a customer account; and dedicated, branded Web Portals which allows a merchant's customers to make online payments at their convenience or to pre-emptively make updates to expired cards, addresses, as well as add new payment types such as ACH.

And unlike outdated, legacy Gateway-only products, EonPay users receive actual Decline Codes which identify the specific reason a transaction was unsuccessful, pinpointing the problems that need resolution.

Organizations interested in immediately benefiting from the EonPay solution can contact Jason Tiner at (720) 340-4060 / jason.tiner@eonpayments.com .  

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Uniquely positioned in the Payment Processing and Billing worlds, EON Payment Solutions combines a decades-long track record of unmatched customer satisfaction with cutting-edge Web 2.0 enterprise technologies to deliver the industry's most flexible, innovative and cost-effective Hosted solutions for Credit Card and ACH Processing, Recurring and Subscription Billing, and Merchant Services Integrations. 

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