EOS Climate Announces Collaboration With DuPont

DuPont distributors gain access to Refrigerant Asset System™, enabling them to provide EOS customers with a nationwide refrigerant distribution network that allows simplified tracking of refrigerant

Jan 21, 2014, 16:30 ET from EOS Climate

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- EOS Climate announced today that it will provide the DuPont refrigerant distributor network access to its pioneering Refrigerant Asset System, which was launched last November.  Through this collaboration, EOS offers its customers access to a refrigerant distribution network that is integrated into its state-of-the-art tracking system.  In addition, EOS Climate has named the DuPont distributor network as its preferred refrigerant distributors.

The Refrigerant Asset System distributes software and systems on top of the existing refrigerant supply chain to make it more efficient, enabling refrigerant users to track every pound of refrigerant from purchase through to its recovery and reclamation and its eventual end-of-life.

"We are excited to be aligning with DuPont as it provides our customers access to an extensive, reliable refrigerant distributor network," said Matt Jones, EOS Climate's CEO. "The integration of this distributor network into our Refrigerant Asset System allows our customers to track refrigerant from the point-of-purchase for the first time." 

EOS Climate successfully piloted the program with DuPont and Barsco, a DuPont refrigerants distributor in Texas, which serves commercial refrigeration and HVAC mechanical contractors.

"We piloted the program and it's easy to use. It simplifies the handling of recovered refrigerants and enables us to better serve our customers," said David Jones, President of Barsco.

"DuPont looks forward to offering this innovative system to our distribution network as an enhancement to our reclaim program," said Deb Goodge, Refrigerants Reclaim Manager at DuPont. "Our joint effort with EOS facilitates the responsible handling of all refrigerants through the value chain for both economic and environmental benefit."

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