EPIC'S Market Research Report Forsees A Substantial Market For The Company's Flagship AcuFAB™ And AcuPAD™ Solutions; EPIC Offers AcuFAB™ To OEMs And Seeks Distributors For Its AcuPAD™ Products

Jul 12, 2012, 11:00 ET from EPIC Corporation

AUSTIN, Texas, July 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- EPIC Corporation (OTC: EPOR) (the "Company") a healthcare company announced that it has received a commissioned market report regarding the healthcare and medical niche market segments for its AcuFAB™ and AcuPAD™ solutions.   Click here to download a copy of the report.  EPIC is offering AcuFAB™ to OEMs of healthcare, medical and consumer products, and is accepting applications  from qualified wholesale and retail distributors to distribute AcuPAD™ products.  

EPIC's business model is similar Intel's famous "Intel inside" model.  EPIC like Intel sells its technology,  AcuFAB™, directly to OEMs and produces AcuPAD™ products to sell to wholesale and retail distributors and OEM's.  However, unlike Intel which sells only business to business, EPIC is able to sell its AcuPAD™ products directly to the consumer. 

The report only evaluates the mattress overly market relating to the prevention of pressure sores, and does not discuss the market for mattress overlays that provide a more comfortable and restful nights sleep, chair pads, car and truck seat pads, compression bandages, shoe inserts, and other products that can be made with AcuFAB™.

The Market Report provides in-depth (segment) analysis and market potential for mattress overlays relating to pressure sores. The AcuPAD™ Mattress overlays also provide a more comfortable, deep un-interrupted sleep.  Chair cushions and car and truck seating pads made from  AcuFAB™ provide comfort and relief from lower back, shoulder and neck pains.

Market Summary

The US Supreme Court's decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act gives more significance to the report.  The decision means, like the report states, healthcare will " gravitate more and more into preventative medicines and chronic therapeutic regiments . . . because of large spikes in obesity, diabetes, and an ever increasing sedentary life style, we are dealing with the increasing need for handling wounds preemptively . . . . [I]t really will always be about low blood circulation to surface tissue."  (Market Intelligence Report, June 25, 2012, "Market Summary")

EPIC's uniquely designed AcuFAB™ is an acupressure specialty spacer fabric with concave and convex channels running parallel to the acupressure meridians and pressure points in the body.

EPIC's AcuPAD™ products, made with AcuFAB™, "can optimize the way that both the blood vessels and lymphatic system distributes fluids to and from the surface tissue.  By so doing, it is quite possible that we can avoid pressure ulcers, diabetic ulcers, and various other surface tissue lesions caused by a lack of oxygen to these tissues . . . By facilitating blood flow and by extension oxygen offload to surface tissues, not only can the inception of these debilitating sores be prevented but also those that have started to come about can be addressed early with combination of antibiotics and circulation management." (ibid.)

Due to the current economic conditions "and incredible pressure on the healthcare system . . . it would figure that one of the best ways to handle this is to mitigate . . . bed stays.  Not every one can be helped by prudent [and effective] pressure overlay methodology, but many patients definitely can be helped and the amount of money that could be saved is staggering and is in the billions." (ibid.)

Business Highlights

The following are the "Business Highlights" of the Market Report:

  • Unique product architecture and design superior to competitors with proprietary processes and specific manufacturing processes that are surrounded by intellectual property.
  • Demographic tailwinds hugely positive for product selection and placement as we have large problems with diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and chronic neurological disease which will bring about the need for attention to surface tissues.
  • Uncertain environment has left a lack of commitment by larger players as reimbursement and customer traction has curtailed large investment in any area fraught with proof of concept or defined patient parameters.
  • Very low valuation of a start up organization with a product in place and the capital to gather enough traction to take some share of a large existing market.
  • Market size unknowable as the patient population is growing rapidly and the efficacy of such a solution in a large patient population over many modalities is not known.
  • The cause and effect argument of surface tissue lesions is very straight forward as it is caused by a lack of blood circulation and the company's products have been shown to have positive impact on this. (ibid.)


The following is the "Conclusion" of the Market Report.

Epic Corporation has a proprietary and patent protected manufacturing process for a fabric solution which offers great advantages to the surface tissue in contact with it.  In a world where we have major problems with sedentary lifestyles, poor eating habits, and healthcare issues, these solutions may be the answer for patients everywhere.  What is most intriguing is that these products have some technological barriers to entry yet do not have to go through the rigorous FDA approval process.  With some very reasonable hurdles, the company can get reimbursement for its products as the economic problem is very real and very large.

This company is a very good way to play a global trend when the sentiment around such opportunities is at its lowest.  The most compelling thing about this opportunity is its very low valuation, limited operational burn rate and its proprietary processes.  Further, the market overall is growing rapidly, and the overall demographic trend is fully intact.  

Finally, this company is a very good place to be if in fact the trend of pressure alleviation catches on in a very real way and transcends the existing products the company is currently involved with.  There may be a large segment for custom business in several areas which have up until now not been looked at.  This is a call option for the company as there are many areas such as gloves, footwear, hospital gowns, etc., where these products may very well be applicable and this is where It really gets interesting. (ibid.)

EPIC's mission is to provide people with better healthcare.  Visit www.epiccor.com for corporate information and www.otcmarkets.com for investor information.

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