Epiphan Hardware Products Easily Publish Video and Display Streams to Content Distribution Networks (CDNs)

Oct 30, 2012, 10:00 ET from Epiphan Systems Inc.

Epiphan hardware products capture and stream multiple types of video sources to CDNs.

OTTAWA, Oct. 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ - Epiphan Systems Inc., an innovator in professional audio-visual capture, record, broadcast streaming and replay hardware products announced that its family of Frame Grabbers, Broadcasters and Recorders now have the ability to easily capture, encode and publish video and computer display streams to a number of popular content distribution network service providers.

For Epiphan customers, this new feature provides ease of use, increases scalability, and simplifies network security, firewall and interoperability issues.  This new capability is key to simplifying the reach and impact of an Epiphan customer's high-resolution multi media content.

For Content Distribution Network Service providers, Epiphan provides dedicated high performance hardware products that capture high quality video sources where installing software is impossible, or would otherwise require software processing that interferes with the performance and quality of the video images being captured and streamed to the CDN.

Typical video sources for Epiphan hardware are computers displays, industrial machines, LCD projectors, cameras, phones, tablets, medical equipment, microscopes, oscilloscopes and embedded systems.

Without the need for software installation, Epiphan hardware products capture images directly from video source connectors such as VGA, DVI, DVI-Dual Link, HDMI, Displayport, S-video, Component, and Composite.

Epiphan has both frame grabbers and integrated solutions that provide video streams to CDN systems and services.

Frame Grabbers with 3rd Party CDN Streaming Software

Epiphan Frame grabbers, such as the DVI2PCIe, provide video capture to 3rd party CDN publishing products that support DirectShow™, QuickTime™ and Video4Linux™.  3rd party CDN software publishing products are currently testing the high performance DVI2PCIe frame grabber card, and Epiphan will publish the list of 3rd party CDN products services that have completed interoperability testing with the Epiphan frame grabbers.

Integrated Streaming Appliances and Systems for CDN Stream Publishing

Epiphan's integrated system products have a new Publish Stream feature that quickly connects the stream to the users choice of CDN system or service.  These systems capture one or more audio video sources, with hardware based scaling, picture in picture mixing, time stamping, branding and encoding before transmitting streams to the CDN.  Users can also configure streaming parameters such as bitrates, frame-size and frame rate options.

The new Publish Stream to CDN feature is included with VGADVI Broadcaster, VGADVI Broadcaster Pro, DVI Broadcaster DL, Lecture Recorder x2, VGADVI Recorder, VGADVI Recorder Pro, and VGA Grid.

The publish stream to CDN feature easily connects Wowza™ and Darwin™ server based installations, as well as a list of 3rd party service providers. For a list of currently approved 3rd party CDN service providers, please see www.epiphan.tv/cdn-partners.php

To easily exercise this publish stream capability, Epiphan is providing a free demonstration CDN at www.epiphan.tv.  This demonstration service will enable Epiphan's customers to experimentally publish their streams while they evaluate which commercial grade CDN service provider is best suited to their application needs.

If you are a commercial content distribution network service provider, please contact Epiphan to inquire about a potential business partnership.


The publish stream feature is already available in the latest firmware releases for Epiphan's recorder and broadcast streaming products.   For more information on Epiphan products that support CDN service providers, please visit www.epiphan.tv/cdn-products.php

The DVI2PCIe frame grabber and other Epiphan frame grabbers are immediately available.  For more frame grabber information please visit VGA Frame Grabbers or DVI Frame Grabbers.

About Epiphan Systems

Epiphan Systems Inc. ("Epiphan") designs, markets, manufactures and supports an innovative line of VGA/DVI/HD video signal source processing products. The products are proven, ideal solutions for capturing, compressing, transcoding, recording, broadcasting, streaming, replaying and printing of virtually any video source.

Epiphan products are used in a wide range of applications such as education, training, simulation, medical imaging, computing, security, transportation, pro-av and legal applications in which capturing, processing, recording and sharing VGA/DVI/HD video source output is critical to effective communication. Epiphan is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada with a sales office in the USA and authorized resellers throughout the world.

For more information, please visit www.epiphan.com

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