ePsolutions Announces Their AMP Release Candidate - the AMS Prepaid Software Solution for Energy Retailers in the Texas Market

Jun 01, 2010, 09:51 ET from ePsolutions, Inc.

AUSTIN, Texas, June 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, ePsolutions, Inc., a leader in back office solutions for competitive energy resellers announced their AMP (Advanced Meter Products) release candidate, the latest addition to their industry leading back office software solution, emPower.  AMP is specifically tailored to the needs of retail electric providers in Texas who wish to add a prepaid offering to their existing product portfolio using advanced meter technology.  

Andeler Corporation, a leading provider of retail electric services chose to participate in the AMP beta testing where select consumers participated in live market activities.  "We have been operating on the AMP platform since January 2010 and we've been pleased with the rich feature set of the initial beta product," said Sam Holton, President of Andeler Corporation.  "With more flexibility, enhanced communication opportunities and increased payment options for consumers, this innovative product offers exciting new business possibilities.  We've enjoyed watching this product mature and look forward to expanding into this new untapped customer segment."

Steve Langerock, Chief Executive Officer at ePsolutions stated, "With the current advanced meter initiative, Texas remains a leader in offering consumers choices in their electricity supplier, pricing and now consumption behavior.  As the software leader in the prepaid electric market, our team is committed to supporting this effort by bringing new and innovative solutions to market that leverage advanced meter capabilities. ePsolutions is proud to be first to market, offering AMP, the first true commercially available 'pay as you go' product that expands a REP's ability to service their customers with new payment options...and much more."  

About Andeler, Inc.

Andeler is based in West Texas with local roots and a regional and statewide presence, and has been a certified Retail Electric Provider in the State of Texas since 2002. Andeler is committed to providing reliable and competitively priced retail electric products and services to apartment communities and businesses in the Texas market.

About ePsolutions, Inc.

ePsolutions delivers the industry's most fully integrated, automated, and cost effective back office software solution for competitive energy resellers. Combining the comprehensive emPower software with a knowledgeable team of experts, ePsolutions helps resellers substantially lower operating costs and dramatically improve resource and operational efficiencies. Founded in 2004, ePsolutions serves Texas clients. For more information, visit www.epsolutions.com.

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