e.p.t® Celebrates 35th Birthday of the Home Pregnancy Test

Home pregnancy test pioneer looks back on the impact of the revolutionary device

Oct 25, 2012, 08:30 ET from INSIGHT Pharmaceuticals, LLC

TREVOSE, Pa., Oct. 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- This fall, women can wish a 'Happy Birthday' to an invention that forever changed the experience of discovering whether or not they are expecting.

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In 1977, the same year that Atari and Apple II computers debuted, e.p.t® introduced the home pregnancy test – a landmark event in U.S. culture that gave women the power to experience life-changing moments in a private, convenient way. Gone were the days when doctors or lab technicians were the first to know if a woman was pregnant – the accurate test previously only found in a doctor's office was now available on drugstore shelves.

"It's amazing to think how different life was for women before the home pregnancy test was introduced," said Jennifer Moyer, vice president of marketing for INSIGHT Pharmaceuticals, LLC, the parent company of e.p.t®. "Prior to 1977, women had to overcome numerous hurdles to learn if they were pregnant, and a litany of people knew the outcome of their test before they did. The home pregnancy test didn't just help women to learn earlier if they are pregnant – it empowered them to own that moment of revelation and to share it, or to discover it alone, at their discretion."

The first home pregnancy test was a departure from what women know today. It was a process that involved collecting a woman's own urine using a kit resembling a chemistry set and carefully analyzing it to determine results. Since then, technological advancements and scientific developments have shaped an ongoing evolution of the home pregnancy test. Today, the wand or stick that has become instantly recognizable to most women has the ability to deliver results in just two minutes. While the Food & Drug Administration estimated in 2009 that approximately one third of American women had used a home pregnancy test at one time or another, recent sales figures suggest the number could be higher.

According to Dr. Alane Park, OB/GYN and member of The Mommy Docs, a group of three doctors featured on the Oprah Winfrey Network's "Deliver Me," the home pregnancy test has benefited from several key advances over the years to get to where it is today.

"The innovation applied to the home pregnancy test over the last thirty-five years has been remarkable," said Park. "Improvements have made the test less susceptible to human error, and results are now delivered in an easy-to-read manner at a much earlier stage of pregnancy than they once were. The increases in test sensitivity and convenience truly give women the confidence to trust their results the first time, enabling them to take control of their personal health and begin prenatal care immediately.

"The first trimester is a crucial time in one's pregnancy, and it's important for a woman to make changes to her lifestyle once she knows she's expecting," Park continued. "These changes include improving one's diet, ceasing smoking and drinking alcohol, and limiting caffeine, among others. The home pregnancy test enables a woman to take immediate steps that will ultimately affect her own health, as well as that of her baby. From a medical standpoint, the impact of the home pregnancy test is immeasurable."

"e.p.t® is proud to have founded this historic breakthrough in women's lives," Moyer added. "Many women who were born 35 years ago are now mothers themselves, so this is an appropriate moment to pause and celebrate the ease, convenience and privacy the home pregnancy test has afforded women over the last three-and-a-half decades."

To celebrate, e.p.t® is running special 35th birthday ads and offering a $3.50 off coupon exclusively at Walgreens locations, which can be accessed at http://www.errorprooftest.com/. Visit e.p.t® on Facebook and Twitter to check out the home pregnancy test timeline and to find other special offers.

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e.p.t® has been a leader in home pregnancy tests since creating the category in 1977. The test has been proven to be over 99 percent accurate from the day of expected period in laboratory tests at detecting typical hCG hormone levels (which vary by person). e.p.t® delivers results in just two minutes and can be utilized up to five days before a missed period. For more information, visit the e.p.t® website at http://www.ErrorProofTest.com. You can also follow e.p.t® on Facebook and Twitter.

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About the Mommy Docs:

Dr. Yvonne Bohn, Dr. Allison Hill, and Dr. Alane Park just celebrated the 10th anniversary of their OB/GYN practice in Los Angeles. They have personally welcomed more than 15,000 babies into the world. They are the featured doctors in the popular TV series "Deliver Me," on OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network and have a new show in development for public television. They know the pregnancy and birthing process intimately…from both sides. In addition to obstetric care they also provide guidance and treatment for various women's health concerns including: Contraceptive Health, Breast Cancer Screening, STD Screening, Menopausal Care, Infertility and Preventive health. For more information, visit www.MommyDocs.com or follow them on Twitter @TheMommyDocs.

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